Cecil grabs his Sword, The Legend, From the wall Behind him. "Wait Sire...!" The gaurd calls, but Cecil is gone already. He gets outside and a soilder has an airship send him down a Ladder. He climbs up and arrives aboard an airship. "Sir," a crew member says, "You can assist the Dragoons if you go aboard that ship over there, your healing and great strength will aid them. "OK, I'll do all I can." Cecil replies. He crawls over the plank onto the next ship. "Cecil!" Kain yells, "Good to see you!" "Hi Kain, Let's show these guys what happens when you mess with Baron!" "OK!" He says as they run at a group of three soilders armed with swords. Kain Jumps up and lands on one's head rendering him unconcious, Cecil slashes at another also KOing him in one hit. "They're not all that strong," Kain remarks. The last soilder tries to run for it but Kain wails his lance at him knocking him down. Then Cecil slashes him finishing him off.

"I'll go take down The Captain" Cecil says.

"Lets keep Fighting them" Cecil says.