"Let's go visit my monster friends!! Maybe they'll know something!"Rydia shouts. "That's as good a place to start as anywhere else." Kain responds. "...Y..Y..your... MONSTER FRIENDS!?!?!?!?!" Edward shreiks. "Yeah Edward, I told you before, all the monsters I can Call, and a bunch more live here."Rydia explains. "I..I..know but....." The team Parks their airship outside and makes their way into Queen Asura's Chambers. They greet and Rydia asks if she has seen anthing pass by. "No I'm sorry, but I haven't, I do know that some of my monsters have seen humans going into the Tower Of Bab-il."Asura tells them. "The Tower of Bab-il....That's the perfect place...." Cecil mumbles. "Well then, It's not far from here, let's get going." Yang Responds. "Thank You Queen." Cecil says, and they're off.

The Tower of Bab-il