Rydia uses a Nuke Spell and melts down the door. Then Kain spots two gaurds and quickly takes one down and Yang the other. All around them is Airships. "If we destroy these it'll completely demolish their army!" Cecil says. "Rydia, why don't you summon Odin to cut them all to peices." Rosa Asks. Rydia agrees and starts to when Edward shouts, "M-M-M-MONSTERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!" And a group of Soldiers and Monsters attack them. "They have Gotten Monsters to help them..." Cecil wonders to himself then draws his sword. Rydia summons Odin, but because of all the enemies he attacks them instead of the ships. They continue to battle the hordes of enemies when Someone yells out "ENOUGH!!!" and the enemies disperse. A giant winged Gargoyle enters. Cecil runs toward him and slashes at him but his sword just bounces off the rock hard skin!! "....what do we do Cecil....?"


Fight it!


"Rosa, Cast Exit"