"I've gotta be able to hurt him!!!" Cecil yells and attacks him in a fit of rage, and keeps slashing at him and doing NO damage!! As Cecil realizes it's weakness he is picked up and Slammed into the wall! "uhhh...." Cecil mumbles when the doors suddenly open and an all-to-familiar face enters... "EDGE!!!!" Everyone yells as their Ninja-Friend enters. He smiles and yells "FLOOD!!!!!!!" a large Tital Wave appears and melts the Monster!! "RETREAT!!!" The caller/leader of the Agart Force yells! and before Cecil can say or do anything the roof of the place opens up and the roof of the place opens up and all the Soilders and Monsters fly away in the airships. "They got away..." Edge replies. "It's OK Edge," Rydia says, "If it weren't for you we may not be here right now." "I'm sure you'd of figued out something." Edge says nicely. Cecil gets up and rubs his head, "So what do you think we should do...