"Us six'll stick together!" Cecil decides as they all Climb up a rope onto an enemy Airship. "Good Reenforcements!" a Fabul Karate Soldier Says happily. The six of them attack a group of enemy troops armed with Swords. (Soldier Biggs "Hey aren't those the same guys from yesterday?! Soldier Wedge, "Uh OH! I Think So!!!!") Cecil attacks with his Sword, Yang Kicks, Kain Jumps, Rydia Casts Magic Spells, Edward Hides Ocassionally playing his harp, and Rosa shoots her Cross-Bow and Heals Fabul Soldiers and her friends as they get hurt until finally there are only Six troops remaining. "You guys help out our troops aboard the other Airships." Yang Says to his men. "Yes Sir." A leader says and then with some "ACHOOO"'S they jump aboard onother ship. The six enemy troops back up into a corner of the Ship, then a troop tells over to another ship, "CAPTAIN!!!" Then the captain who had summoned the monster before floats over in between Cecil's Team and his Troops. "That's The Caller!!! He's why I thought it had been Mist Rydia." Cecil explains. "I know him! He moved out of our village a few months ago! His name's Algec!!" "Well then Algec," Kain said "Your gonna lose!" Kain Jumps High into the Air. Algec says a quick spell followed by the name Mirage again. As Sand whips around them Cecil yells to Rosa "Cast Wall, quickly!" As the shark-like creature emerges a Wall goes over everyone, making the attack not hurt them to much. Then as the captain reappears Kain crashes down on his head. "Perfect Timing as always Kain!" Yang says and then Kicks the captain with all his might! "You think you guy's are so great?" Algec sneers and then Rydia replys "Yes we do." And says a spell to summon out Leviatan! As a Huge snake-like creature appears hisses and blasts Algec with a wave of water knocking him and his troops off the airship."You may have won this time but I'll be baaaaack....." he yells as he's knocked off the ship. An enemy airship picks them up and flies off with them. Then all the other enemy airships withdraw also.

"Let' sneak on to one of their ships and follow them!"

"Let's see if Mysidia knows anything."

"Let's explore the earth until we see something strange."