They arrive at Fabul late that afternoon.(Kain insisted it was south!) And you meet with Yang and the King of Fabul who are meeting with king Edward of Damcyan. They all greet oneanother. "So Cecil just happened to come for a friendly visit same day as Edward?" Yang asks. "I wish that were the case Yang--" Sudenly a Rumble is felt throughout the room. "What the...?" Kain says when they realize Fabul must be under attack like Barren was."This is what we came here about!" Cecil says apparently we're right on time. An unknown Airship Fleet attacked us yesterday!" This must be the same ones. "Quick!" the King says, "We must hide in the Basement! Except you Yang, Take our Soldiers an AIrships and get them outta here!!!" "Your Majesty," Cecil Replies We must help out your army." Cecil and everyone else start to run towards the door...exept for Edward. "Will you be staying with me King Edward?"The King asks "....I know I'm going to regret this..." Edward mumbles, pulls out his harp and runs after the others.

Stay as a team

Split into two groups of three