...Take a peak. I know its hard to resist.

The Dark Gary

MY Wheel of Time Quotes (may contain spoilers)

"We will not tire, we will not falter, and we will not fail." -- President George W. Bush, Sept. 20, 2001.

Harry Quotes

Christen Bongiorno - "Harry why do you touch boys?"
Harry- "because i can't touch girls."

Harry reading from the EOTW- "Maybe its, . . . the Dragon."

Andrew: "Listen to Hey You, hEY yOUUUUU."
Harry: "I do not hey you me my ass."

njcheetah17: your IM thing sux
HareLUYA724: ur mom blows
njcheetah17: ur dog stinks
HareLUYA724: ur cat shits
njcheetah17: ur dad is ugly
HareLUYA724: ur bro iz gay
njcheetah17: ur grandmother is fugly
HareLUYA724: ur grandfather got laid
njcheetah17: ur cousins are retarded
HareLUYA724: ur entire family farted
njcheetah17: your uncle lives in sewage
HareLUYA724: ur aunt suffered from her marriage
njcheetah17: ur tutor swallows
HareLUYA724: u are shallow
njcheetah17: u're cute
HareLUYA724: u'r small
njcheetah17: u're dickless
HareLUYA724: u'r pubeless
njcheetah17: ur mom is a playboy model
HareLUYA724: ur mom was in an Indian Porno
njcheetah17: ur dad was in a gay porno

Danny T Quotes

Danny: I dont do ugly people.
TJ: Then how do you masturbate?

Nikhil Quotes

Harry T.-" I wanna be a dictator."
Nikhil J.-"Well, you are already a dick...all you need is the ator."

Person X- "Imagine if boobs were trees. What would you do?"
Nikhil- "Build a tree house!"

Andrew Quotes

Cabeza-"Dont worry. Its only between you, me and my red hairy monster." (He ment his buddy icon you sicko.)

Frodo: Gandolf its a riddle!
Andrew (sounding Like Austin Powers): "Thats not a riddle baby, its a man!"

Albert Quotes

Albert C.-"Party in my pants."

Ashley Quotes

Albert(in response to someone in a movie giving the middle finger.)"My girlfriend gives that to me all the a joke."
Ashley:"And what finger do you give her?"

Dooda Quotes

Dooda: ".sdrowkcab enigami dias I enigamI" (read backwards(read backwards)

"Imagined RP" Quotes

(Me as) Rickey .P.- "Imagine if the owl was wrong, and it isn't 3 but Pi amount of licks to get to the center of the Tootsie Roll Pop."

(Me as) R.P-"If asians are from asia and african people from africa Imagine if white people were from Whita."

(Dave as) R.P-"Imagine if cake was an animal that stayed silent as you ate it."

Dan J. Quotes

Dan Jedell (to the tune of Cleaning Out My Closet):
"I'm sorry da da.
I'm gonna be a Samana.
I never meant to leave my home,
but tonight, I'm going with Kamala."

My Quotes

ME-"When you have been in the car for a long might say, "I can't wait to get home." But the real question is can the home wait to get you?"

ME-"'Eye of the World'."
Joe A.-"What about it."
ME-"Worlds don't have eyes silly. Datz Crazy!"

ME: "The Ring,....GIVE IT TO ME!....FEUD!"

TV/Movie Quotes

Dr Evil-"Frau is the founder of the militant wing of the Salvation Army. She believed there should be force, and violence, in the stuggle to give old clothes to people."

Will Ferrel-"If you were a hotdog, and you were starving, would you eat yourself?"

Terminator 3 The Greatest Action Story Ever Told
Wise Man-"Enjoying the night air my brother?"
Terminator-"Your robes, give them to me."
Wise Man-"I come baring many gifts but I can assure you my clothes are not among them."
Terminator-"What are you, some kind of wise guy?"
Wise Man-"Actually...yes."

Power Puff Girls- "Ridiculous Lucky Captain Rabbit King, Lucky Captain Rabbit King Nuggets are for the youth."

Book Quotes

From the Great Santini
Sister Loretta- "What I have seen frankly disturbs me very much. It might behoove this class for me to remind them that the body and blood of our Lord Jesus Christ is on our tongues when the priest gives us the host. What has shocked me, and I mean literally shocked me, was when I saw certain members of this class actually chewing the host like it was a Hershey bar. Let me ask all of you one question. Would you like some one chewing on you? Of course you wouldn't. Neither does Jesus. The propper was to recieve communion is to let your mouth fill up with saliva and let the saliva slowly and beautifully melt the body of the Lord and then let Him repse in your soul"

"Help, I'm drowning in spit, " Mary Anne wrote. "Signed, Jesus."

Misc. Quotes

Danielle Stone: "Mr. Caroll, is it pronounced Shake......spear,. . . or Shakes........pear?"

Dan Myers: "Look at that freakin A-rab...thinks he's the next best thing since Bin Laden."

Miss G-"Don't make me say it agayne! Sit and read folks. The pencils live in the drawer."

Annie C.-"I'm looking for my friends, a bunch of asians and 1 white kid. Have you seen them?"

Andrew (to harry): "Maybe its because you dont watch Alias."
Me(to harry): "Maybe its because you dont read Eye of the World."
Person X(to harry): "Maybe its because you go to the bathroom and don't use toilet paper (in a Dr. Evil voice)."

Dan Bausch(about Anna Nicole Smith) :"Some People call her a retard. Some call her a Bitch. Some call her a retarded bitch."

Dan Bausch: "Yes, but at least Robin has all those clever catch phrases."

My Art Page.

Study Hall Stories
All characters and names are fictional. Any apparent relations are merely a coincidence.

Jenna S.: Brittany G.
Andrew L.: climbed into the bed,
TJ:which was a sleepys mattress,
Gary: where the people hummed
Brittany C.: la...this land was made for you and me

Brittany C.: Be a nurse because
Andrew L.:an elaphant's faithful 100%
TJ: But who cares? I want to do
Gary: All the bagels in the world
Jenna S.: hanging off of Laura's nose

TJ: NO! I have an even better idea
Gary How About we milk some cows instead...
Brittany C.:how about we dont watch laura milk her cow-
Jenna S.:who's name is Matt C.
Andrew L.:Cotter cotter bo botter banana fo fotter

Brittnany: In the jungle, the mighty jungle, the...
Jenna: Cotters do many nast things
Andrew: why why why?
TJ: because, I throw my toys around
Gary: And all the cookies screamed 'Eat Me! Eat MEEE!'

Andrew: Gee Brain, what are we doing tonight?
TJ: Probably banging you
Gary: And then we can do filthy things with butter and whipped cream!
Brittnany: We? We...Beth and Jerry
Jenna: How cute. 2 love birds

Gary: How many cotters does it take to get to the cream center of a twinky?
Brittnany: Lets find out...this land is your land...this land is my land
Jenna: The dirty monkeys...are from Thailand
Andrew: Butterfly in the sky...I can fly twice as high
TJ: when you smoke pot.

Brittnany:It smells like Mrs. Sta----- cut the cheese
Gary:All the people started dropping to their knees
TJ:To do the dirtiest of deeds, sucking...
Andrew: on a lollipop...gross!

Brittnany:If Rickey P...
Gary:was actually white, he would be from "whita"
TJ:unless he ate chinese food. Gawk! Gawk!

Brittnany:Oops!...I did it AGAYNE!
TJ:I played with myself
Andrew:got lost in Matt's piss
Jenna:which contains substances that...
Gary: Could cause pregnancy

Andrew:I like big butts and I cannot lie
TJ:but only when they lie on guys
Jenna:and Laura is on top of them milking her cow
Brittnany:whos horny and enjoys the feeling
Gary:of an ice cold hotdog in strange places

TJ:You gotta fast car. Is it fast enough to
Jenna:hit Laur and Mot while
Brittnany:they were milking eachother
Gary:and drinking eachothers curdled milk from
Andrew: Rickey P.

TJ:Umm...Mrs. Trappie, why do you have a red
Jenna:super sized fry
Gary:that is soaking in warm lemonade
Andrew:like Mot and Nathe

TJ:What would you do if...
Brittnany:Gary jumped Andrew right this second...
Jenna:And they both sucked on Heather's abnormally large nipples
Gary:until they got blood, which is Brittany's favorite
Andrew:drink when she goes out with Steve. Wow, that was dumb

Brittnany:Garry's gonna die...
Jenna:Because his head is too far up his ass
Gary:to be able to taste...then Andrew sucked
Andrew:Nothing...but Gary sure did have a nice
TJ:Penis, even if it is limp.

Brittnany:Andrew gives his best head to...
Jenna:Gary who enjoys the feeling
Andrew:of Mr. Davies you-know-what in the you-know-where.
Gary:You know, the same place Brittany and Jenna Take it.

TJ:Andrew is ashamed of his relationship with Steve. Why?
Gary:Because he is a Nonmonogamous ass-pest
Brittnany:who craves for the sucking upon Heather's breast
Jenna:which aren't really real
Andrew:whatever. Tj is an asshole

TJ:Reeta and Nikhil sitting on Shiva...
Christina:1st comes dharma, then an aranged marriage
Gary:Then comes a baby reincarnated