Pearl wakes up in the middle of a damp, dark, stone room. She tries to turn her head but the pain is to great and she moans in agony.
"Well, the princess finaly wakes up." She walks over to stand right in front of Pearl who is strapped to the wall.
"Why are you doing this?"
"I'll not only tell you why, I'll tell you how." She takes a few steps back and begins to walk back and forth while she tells her story.
"I had almost given up hope that there was at least one Jumi who could cry. So I decided to take a side trip from tormenting you and your kind. I learned about a rabit merchant named Niccolo who sold priceless jewels to a magical being known as Teapo. I met him in Geo and followed him to this small town, Domina. While no one was in the house that Teapo lives in I snuck in as Dulle and stoll all of her jewels, for at the time I did not know they were mearly glass fakes. Now I was faced with the challange of smuggaling the jewels out so I went in disguise as Pelican and sure enough no one susspected anything. I decided to see what fortune lied within the inn so while Miss Yuka was out I went to the in as Mark's daughter Rachel, who unbeknowest to Mr. Moti was in Geo herslef. The 1st thing i noticed was a sparkle that came from Mr.Moti's hidden core. I lured him to the western end where I captured him."
Sandra turns to face pearl and clenches her fist.
"I thought that maybe this hidden Jumi would be able to cry but of course he could not. SO I told him that if he would not cry I would capture two more Jumi and kill them, and as luck would have it I stumbled on to you two again. Instead of trying to capture you I chased you into Domina for I thought it would be a lot easier. It was. When Elazul left you to search if I was in this town I captured him as well."
She clicks a button and the wall next to pearl slides away revealing a captured Elazul.
"It's no use He can not hear you. Despite the fact that I had captured your knight I could not locate you. So I disguised myself as Duelle and began to look around. That is when I saw Rand. I knew that he has helped you out several times so I got him started on this hunt for myself hopeing he would lead me to you and he did. However I got sloppy. having to play the parts of Duelle, Pelican, and Mr. Moti to prevent suspiscion I slipped and Rand figured it out. I am afraid your time has come."
She bigins to reach for Pearls core.
She turns around to see Rand, Bud, and Mr. Moti, at the entrance to her hide out.

...Attacks Sandra.
...Tries to reason with her.
...tries to free Pearl ad Elazul. up all hope.