They walk over to Mei Mei, who in order to tell your furture, she must spin (herself included)in a hudge basket of fruit and what ever fruit lands in front of her she will read what it says.
"Want your fortune told?"
"10 Lucre. I'm saving for my retirement, so no less!
She starts to spin then the basket and fruit begin to spin. Rand gets dizzy trying to watch her.
"Vitamins, carotins, potassium, fiber, polyfenel!!!"
The basket stops and she pickes up a pineapple. says...Don't walk on a bannan peel.
OK that realllllly helped. I guess we should...

...go to the mana angel fountain."
...look in the church."
...ask Miss Yuka the inn keeper."
...ask the Pelican."
...look in the Pub
...go ask Mark or Rachel.