"The seventh Mana Stone was desired for its Mana power, and it appeared in history many times. Jumis were the first ones to be searched for the possession of the stone. It is said that an uncountable number of Jumis were hunted down and killed for this purpose.
When the Jumis were being hunted down and killed during the search for the seventh Mana Stone, they died after intentionally lessening the energy flow in their jewel cores. Many Jumis died this way to protect the secret of their clan, and mages began to call them "lumps of dirt" as a result.
There "cores" weakened in power and they lost the ability to cry. There tears were used to heal and revive. Since then more and more Jumi have died. They mostly live in the legendary Bejeweled City however no one has ever been there but Jumies.

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