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-favorite -don't like -exciting and/or fast -energetic
-dull and/or repetitive -pretty -sad -relaxing
-beach and/or surfing -spooky -annoying -fighting and/or fast pase
-dark and/or evil -descent

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Track 1
  1. Legend of Mana-~Title Theme~
  2. Nostalgic Song/An Old Song (loading screen theme)
  3. World of Mana
  4. Song of Mana~Opening Theme~
  5. Places of Soul/A Place With Heart (Home Theme)
  6. Hometown Domina
  7. Daedal's Organ (Diddle's Organ)
  8. Wanderer's Path
  9. Pain of the Universe
  10. Cliff Town Gato (Gatto Grattos)
  11. Earth Painting
  12. Marginal Beast
  13. Moonlight City Roa (Lumina's Theme)
  14. Everyday Dream-Spirit's Song- (Sirens' Theme)
  15. To the Sea
  16. Southern City Polpoata
  17. Everyday Dream (Flamshe's song)
  18. Calmly Travelling
  19. Bedlight Orbit
  20. The Wind Sings of a Journey
  21. Mystic City of Geo
  22. Memory of Running
  23. The Darkness Nova

Track 2
  1. Pastoral
  2. Ranch Night (Pet Ranch)
  3. Maker's Gallop (Workshop in backyard)
  4. Dreamseed Fruit (Orchard)
  5. A Good Thing
  6. Play the Organ!
  7. Play the Organ! Part 2
  8. Nocturne
  9. Digger's Song-Underground Path Song-
  10. Calm Song (Magic Instruments)
  11. Sorrowful Song(Magic Instruments)
  12. Joyful Song(Magic Instruments)
  13. Mysterious Song(Magic Instruments)
  14. Missing Truth
  15. The Excitement of Both of Us
  16. Irwin on Reflection
  17. The Other Truth
  18. Complicated Destiny
  19. Bounded by Soul
  20. Aid
  21. Leading into Prosperity
  22. The One who Waits for the Breath of Destiny
  23. Depression Blues
  24. Gem Thief Sandra's Plight
  25. City of Flickering Destruction (Bejeweled City)
  26. Foolish Decision
  27. Those who are Shining(Ending Theme of the Jumie Story Line)
  28. The Great Virtue of Gathering Mana's Spirit-Theme of Mana-
  29. Holy Power of Mana
  30. Silence of Time (Final Battle)
  31. Nostalgic Song-Ending Theme of Mana's Story
  32. Song of Mana-Ending Theme-

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