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Quotes from Lord of Chaos

(Hard Cover page numbers)

The Lions sing and the hills take flight.
The moon by day, and the sun by night.
Blind woman, deaf man, jackdaw fool.
Let the Lord of Chaos rule.

Taim p.87-"You can Travel, but you do not know how to test for the talent."

Sammael p.135-"You deliver a message to Demandred from me. Tell him I know what he is up to." Event to the south had Demandred's mark all over them. Demandred had always liked using proxies. "Tell him to be careful. I won't have him or his 'friends' interfering in my plans So long as they stay clear or he will answer for it."

Taim p.87-"It is about time you stared rasing an army of your own instead of depending on others. Bashere could change his ming; he will if Queen Tenobia tells him to.And who can know what these so-called-Aiel will do."

Dyelin p.277-"Gitara was counselor to Queen Modrellein, but she spent more time with Tigraine and Luc, Tigraine'sbrother, than with the Queen. After Luc rode north, never to return, whispers said Gitara had convinced him that his fame lay in the Blight, or his fate. Others said it was that he would find the Dragon Reborn there, or that the Last Battle depended on him going. That was about a year before Tigraine disappeared. Myself, I doubt Gitara had anything to do with it, or with Luc. She stayed the Queen's counselor until Modrellein died. From heartbreak over Tigraine on top of Luc, so it was said. Which began the Succession, oh course. You would have found a different Andor, without that. Tigraine queen, Morgase only High Seat of House Trakand, Elayne not born at all. Who can say what else would be changed?"

Avienda p.312-"They have shared dreams, some of which concern you. Melaine and Bair dreamed of you on a boat with three women whose faces they could not see, and a scale tilting first one way then the other. Melaine and Amys dreamed of a man standing by you side with a dagger to your throat, but you did not see him. Mair and Amys dreamed of you cutting the wetlands in two with a sword. They cannot interpret the dreams, but they thought you should know."

Taim (after killing the Gray Man Rand thinks Samael sent)p.406-"Perhaps. I would give a great deal to be sure. As for Illian, I doubt it would be as simple as disposing of a pair of Aes Sedai. I keep thinking what I would do in Sammael's place."

Logain p.420-"You know, I saw a man once who will cause more trouble than I ever did. Maybe it was the Dragon Reborn; I don' know. It was when they took me through Caemlyn after I was captured. He was far away, but I saw a . . . a glow, and I knew he'd shake the world. Caged as I was, I could not help laughing."

Lews Therin (in Rands head while near Taim) p.541-"I should have killed him long ago. I should have . . . should..."

Thom p.559-"Good news? I haven't puzzled that out yet. Often you don't know whether a woman is friend, enemy, or lover until it is too late. Sometimes she is all three."

Rand p.577-"Light what away to think about a friend." Lews Therin was giggling and muttering indistinctly about friends and betrayal.

Fel's letter p.625-"Belief and order give strength. Have to clear rubble before you can build. Will explain when see you next. Do not bring the girl. Too pretty."

Min (about Berelain)p.628-"Its a wonder she bothers to wear clothes at all. Well, she'll be snubbed up sooner or later. I saw of no use to you. Just a man in white who will make her fall head over heels. Some women have no shame."

Perrin p.692-"If we sit here for hours the Shaido will turn on them sooner or later, if they haven't already. Light, Rand! Dannil and Ban and Wil and Tell . . . Amys is out there, and Sorilea, and ... ! Burn you, Rand, more have died for you already than you know."

Rand p.695-"I forget nothing. I said six could come, but I count nine. I said you would be on equal footing with the Tower emissaries, and for bringing nine, you will be. They are on their knees, Aes Sedai. Kneel!"

Taim p.695-"Kneel and swear to the Lord Dragon, or you will be knelt."

Demandred p.135-"Have I not done well, Great Lord?"

The unstrained tower breaks and bends knee to the forgotten sign.
The seas rage, and stormclouds gather unseen.
Beyond the horizon, hidden fires swell, and serpents nestle in the bosom.
What was exalted is cast down; what was cast down is raised up.
Order burs to clear the path