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I often wonder why things like racism still exist. Millions upon millions of people are against racism, probably 90% of the population. For most people, hating someone because of skin color, sexual preference, religion or ethnicity is a waste of time and energy. However, many people donít seem willing to do anything about the people who donít find this a waste of time or energy.

Why is this? Some people would have you believe they have more important things to do. This is not true. There is not many things that are more important then stopping hatred. If everyone who was against racism would donate one hour of their time every week to educate people about the dangers of racism, hate would have been crushed long ago. Prejudice would be defeated, and the people would be triumphant. But this is not happening. Hate is still rampant. That is because of ignorance.

Many people donít know hate when they see it. Every time you say something like, "this music is so gay" you give yourself and others around you the idea that being gay is a horrible thing. Using the word "gay" in that context makes you associate homosexuality with something negative. When that happens, you think of homosexuals negatively. THIS IS HOW BIGOTS ARE BORN. Once you become a bigot it is hard to turn back.

Another way that bigots are born is when they start hanging around other bigots. To impress their new racist friends, they use racial slurs and tell racist jokes. At first they might not have a negative feeling about the race or ethnic group they are insulting, but after using these words verbally for a while, they begin to use them mentally. They will think of people as slurs instead of as people. THIS IS HOW RACISTS ARE BORN.

Bigotry is literally synonymous with ignorance. A bigot hates because he or she is ignorant. An ignorant persin hates because he or she does not know better.


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