well, since we all know all of NA are quite the characters, heres some sutff to make ya smile and/or heart melt. =)

Complements Of:


"People are gonna' always treat other people bad, that's just the nature of the world unfortunately, but whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger... and besides, without bad in the world, how would you recognize the good things??? :) I'm a firm believer that everything, both good and bad, happen for a reason, and believe me, when your "rainbow" shines, you will understand..." Tommy McCarthy NA


"are you talking about my ass?" ~Eric

Lauren: (

Hi,no Carlas not here...this is "Jeff"...Carlas new assistant!~Eric


that shirt is bitchin!!! ~ricky

"you know what they say about guys with big hands right? oh hi mommy!" "you little slut! ima marry you!"
"i feel so violated"
"you fuck! fuck you! hey that was funny"

"once upon a time...why isnt it ever twice upon a time? thats so unfair!"
"there was this one time, with that girl....and then the car...remember?"
"this group totally sucks but that one right there...DAMN he's fine" -looking @ the his cd cover
"look!! she dyed her eyes!"

"llook!! she's wearing a thong!! did everyone just get quiet or did i just say that way too loud?"
"my tounges not long, yours is short"
"do the sexy voice!!! come on!! do it!!! oh you're a queer"

"you just called me stupid, stupid!! but you're still hot"
"you are an evil child"
"you're not an evil child anymore. you've just graduated to the devil. congrats"
"she touched me in a private place!! and she wont stop"
"amys gonna be my personal stripper when she grows up" these are mostly danny quotes. he is sucha guy LOL

You shouldn't smoke" -Danny to Me
"You shouldn't either" -Me to Danny
"Sorry, I drank all the beer" -Danny
"Nice pants Danny, where'd you get 'em?" -Tommy to Danny in reference to MY Playboy jeans
"Just skip school tomorrow and tell your dad you're coming home tomorrow" -Danny
"We should get some vodka" -Eric"I wanna be inside you" -Danny
"I TRY TO SAY GOOD-BYE AND I CHOKE!!!!" -Danny impersonating Macy Gray
"There's so many things I wanna do to you," -Danny

"Hi! We're No Authority! ::cheesy smile::"~Danny

"This guy's only 17"~ Lady
"I thought you were like 24 or something"~Lady

"We dance naked on the chairs"~Danny(id pay to see that LOL)
"The Spice Girls did that"~Lady
"Who?! Naked?!"~Danny

"I'm her sister. Bart Simpson"~Tommy

"NUMBER 5 SUPER SIZE!"~Eric singing

(THIS IS THE BEST ONE EVER~!)"I want someone to teach me how to do one of those do do do spin thingys"~Eric
"Do do do spin thingys"~Danny

(i really dont understand this but whatever) "Hey Eric, look how these came out!"~Danny
"::tries to take Runt off Danny's leg::"~Eric
"::smacks Eric::"~Danny

(i really dont like weiner boy BUT i found this funny..) "I don't really think of myself as a shex shymbol"~Josh (yes he has a lisp?

::pulls shirt down:: ::pulls shirt down:: ::tries to pull pants up:: ::pulls shirt down:: ::pulls shirt down::"~Danny
"What's the name of your truck Eric?"~Tommy
"My truck's name is Mortimer. ::shrugs:: That's my trucks name"~Eric

"Put your two cents in"~Danny
"Or one!"~Tommy (Is that a cut-down on Danny?!)