The 411 on Eric

Name: Eric Lee Stretch
Role in band: Singer
Age: 21
Date of Birth: June 22,1980
Sports: Soccer
Sign: Cancer
Birthplace: Yorba Linda,Ca
Fave Food: Chips and Salsa
Hobbies: Dancing
Fave Color: Blue
Blood type: B positive
Likes girls with: Nice Body,flirtatious attitude, big butt!

Extra Stuff:
¤loves to go to parties, dance, just kick back with his friends.
¤He got his right eyebrow pierced for his 18th birthday. But he had to take it out cuz it kept getting infected and it grossed Ricky out :) He had his chin pierced too, but it started to make his gums deteriorate so he had to take it out... gross huh???

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