Don't stop till you get enough
If it's right for you
Do what you wanna do

Do you like what I'm doing to you, tell me if it's right
Baby, I'll keep going on, and you know that I'll never stop
If you're sure the Party's Pumping, and the scene is always jumping
Let's keep going till we reach the top, oh baby, yeah


Now I'm the man to see, if you want to get on down
I can show the right way to do it
But I can not tell you when or where to start your groove
I can only say, baby, do what you wanna do, yeah
Keep on doing your thing
I want to be your everything
I want to be with you
'Cause that's the thing to do
So keep on doing what you want to do


(Danny's rap) Hey Boo how ya doin, I spotted you from the back
Pushed up like a mac and I'ma stay in your track
Cuz I'm looking for a girl can wine and dine
Stay close behind and make her all mine
Give her Ann Klein, pretty suits and boots
Take you on a hot beach and feed you fresh fruits
You think I'm lying, uh uh I ain't Kidding, I got a good Girl Not forbidden


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