The 411 on Danny

"People say milk does a body good, but DAMN boy how much you been drinking?!"

Full Name: Daniel Jacob Zavatsky
Sports: Surfing
Role in band: Singer/Rapper
Age: 19!! (hes getting OLD!)
Date of Birth: June 1st,1982
Hair: Brown with bleached tips (for the moment)
Eyes: BLUEEE!!!!
Sign: Gemini
Birthplace: Longbeach CA
Fave Food: Pizza
Hobbies: Skateboarding & surfing.
Fave Color: Orange and Light Blue
Blood type: O positive
Likes girls with: Meat on their bones, fun personality, intelligence & a sweet smile.

Extra Stuff:
¤Danny loves to be in front of the camera
¤He has both of his ears pierced.
¤He passed his driver's test with a 100% center>

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