PFFD at the time seemed pretty unsuccessful, but looking back on it. It really was. I have pictures of 38 different people. Three people refused to take pictures. Michele P.(sorry bitter Mike), Heather (I see this girl way to much), and Ryann(Remember when that girl puked?) all refused still did the rest of the ritual. 37 people got pffd'd. A special thanks to Henry Ip and Pat McGlynn for the PFFD Cake.

This is Sandy. She didn't actually get pffd'd. She works at HBK, but still, we all need a picture of Sandra. Miss Seeley thought we were going to put her head on a naked body. That picture will be up soon (just kidding).

These were the first PFFD participants. Henry Ip, who makes a return visit later. Joe Dockery is the other kid. And of course, the kid is steven(or gary). At this point I thought no one was coming so i was happy to see anyone.

This is the girl who refused to get in the picture with Henry, Joe, and Steven. Even though she is in that picture, we took this pic of her too. To bad I'm not in it, but it's still a pffd picture.

This is my claim to fame picture. This guy will be famous one day with his band Gibbler. He is here with his friend Angela. The first PFFD participant that i don't really know, but i was willing to pffd her. Although to tom, pffd was just another thursday with a picture.

Here we have two former HBK employees. Joe Lalicata and Scottie Laudati (isn't it cool how his name rhymes?). Joe doesn't like to eat bk much anymore. Scott also attended QCPFFD.

This is a picture of Nick's friends. He said he was bringing three people. Nick is a liar, but it's cool. The people are Steve Labracht (former HBK employee), Stoner #2 who i don't know, John Kelly (former employee who told me on pffd he hates me and really does hate me.), Stoner #4 who i don't know, Ryan (a current HBK employee on his day off), Nick Caden (another HBK employee on his day off, and then of course stoner #7 who i don't know as well.

This is Jessica Strand and Another Red Bank Reginal Girl. They came in a group with other rbr girls, but i made them do seperate pictures. They are miss groh's #1 fans. Apperently Miss Groh is a teacher at RBR.

This is Aimee Adymchzyck ( i know i spelled that wrong. sorry amy). Amy came with the RBR group. Amy's brother used to work at BK. I think we all remember Andrew.

Two more RBR chicks featured here. Michelle strand and Amanda.

There was sposed to be a picture of kelly here, but it would up only being james's finger. Great job late camera guy.

I figured i should get a group picture of the "Chicks of RBR." They are again Michelle, Amanda, Amy, Kelly(Frizzle), Jessica, and RBR girl #6.

This is Eric Watschinger. He came to the dining room while i was doing the RBR chicks pics. So i figured he could have one too. He works at burger king and is former snapple award winner.

These guys actually came during the wrong time, but i pffd'd them anyway. I'm willing to bend a few pffd rules. They are of course Chris Osborne and Katie Kovak.

Part two of Pffd didn't get as much draw, but people still came. The first people of the second half of pffd were Matthew Olsen and Tarah Thomas.

A family member of another manager brought some friends by for pffd. This is Steve Hildner, Danny Aiken, And (mike's brother)Bill O'brien.

Snapple Award winner Mike Manzella came to check out his schedule and i had him partake in pffd. He was pretty happy to be pffd'd.

Henry promised me two things for pffd. Cake and pat Mcglynn. Here is Pat Mcglynn with Henry Ip, Mike O'brien, and Dave Fuller.

And here is the pffd cake. It was supposed to be called ffpd, but pffd sounded cooler, so the cake had an error, but it was still tasty and in case your wondering, it was ice cream cake.

Here is henry cutting the cake all ghetto like with a blade.

This was the photographer for most of the pictures. His name is James Armstrong. Pffd was just another day at bk for him. He was late, but a big pffd help.

Pffd Then ended.

Who said pffd had to only be one day. Some people were unable to attend so pffd had to be extended. These are two more Gibbler. band members. Visit there web site and say i directed you there when you sign the guestbook. They pffd'd for the whole band that night. Oh by the way the glowing kid is sean Dunne and the other kid is Scott McDougal.

Ryan was at school for pffd. So he came the next day. Oh yeah, this is Ryan Delacruz. You will see this picture again. on the evil empire section.