The greatest quotes of our time.

Here are some of the greatest quotes i have ever heard We will start with some classic burger king quotes.
"what doin" Dorothy Paris
"How's your mom" Gwen Williams
"Somebody help Catch" Larry Ellis
"Kelp you" Anthony Tanski (Not Pat McGlynn)
"That's what she said" Dave Fuller
"Thank you for coming to taco bell how can i help you" Tananda Fitgerald
"What's up Boss" Benjamin Szuba
"Get some" Anthony Tanski (small credit to ty)
"I want some of Sandy's Candy" Gary Hogan
"Yo, you ever fuck a dead person" Dan Brower
"Does my name tag say only manager here" Christine Kamal
"The rules were meant to be broken" Mike O'Brien
"oh my back" Pat Fischer
"If you walk out that door, don't think your coming back" Gary Hogan
"Real Nice Jerk" Mike O'brien and Jen Menges
"Nice Mouth. You kiss your mother with that mouth?" Jen Menges
"If i were an animal i wouln't wear underpants" Bobby Generic
"Me Fail english, that's unpossible" Ralph Wiggum
"Yes I am a model" Rick Martel
"Stupid people do stupid things" System of a down
"J Don't Know" Jason Edwards
"Morison's Dead" God
"It's Not True" Mrs. G