A rumor is in the aol dictionary listed as "a statement or report current without known authority for its truth." This is the rumor page. Remember that definition, and the disclaimer on the first page while you read this section. So without further wait, what everyone's been waiting for . . .here goes.

Ben is staying at Hazlet BK

Chris S and Opie are breaking up.

Holly is whacked out.

Anthony has Changed.

Opie is obsessed with holly and tananda

Pat McGlynn is trying to turn into Jeff Wong.(watch your pants)

Jayson Disbrow is returning to BK.

Retro Rumor

  • Nick L is sorry, he's sorry, he's sorry.

    Paul is really Larry after the Giant Racoon turned him gay.

    James was on Fat Albert, (Mushmouth).

    Fat Albert Works for HBK.

    Mike knows everything about wrestling.

    NWO (Kevin Keiser, Tom K, and Ryan D) are trying to take over HBK.

    Sorry Steve Jackson is an alcoholic.

    Eleanore was a really bad boxer.

    Mike Mil. Is a boygirl

    Anthony broke up with his girlfriend.

    It just takes some time little girl in the middle of the ride everything everything will be just fine.

    Dave is going to jail.

    Valentine's day sucks

    Gary's Mom has BK on speed dial.

    Mellissa M. is a vampire

    Holly is a prevert.

    Ted and Louie are an item.

    Randi Natasha and Mellissa are somehow related.

    Retro Rumor

  • Dan Brower smoked pot in the freezer.

    Kevin is deaf in one ear.

    Irene Heartily dislikes Brian

    Irene is only going to be working 2 days a week.

    Anthony Mike Ted Louie and dave are going to become a new boy band.

    Diane and Gwen are one in the same.

    Mike is desperate.

    Mary is going to date Gary.

    Gary and Mary have so much in common, i mean both their names end in "ary", and gary's mom has a son and so does mary.

    Deebbie only married todd because of his window washing skills.

    Gary is allergic to milk

    Retro Rumor

  • Gary owns stock in Milk

    Anthony is a terrible bagger.

    Mike and kevin sullivan and Vader blew up Stings boat

    Sean Smith still works at HBK.

    Dave wants to see Ann naked.

    coffee mike lives in the bk dumpster.

    Matt is going to work Burger Board for 100 days straight.

    Ted is the definition of Burnout.

    Eric is a fantastic bowler.

    The lanes are no longer slanted at the bowling alleys.

    Tananda broke up Lovie and his girlfriend(not ted)

    Tedrick and Lovie are very violent people.

    The closers need to learn the proper procedures. (i guess jimmy eat world dance isn't a proper procedure somehow.)

    Fat Albert, Dominique, Paul, and Rich all quit or got fired.

    Nick thinks he is the definition of a burnout.

    (not public)Enemy number one is going to murder the HBK Managers.

    Dave fullers dad is a great cook.

    Mary G is coming back soon.

    Kevin Jeffcoat wants to fight Ryan Delacruz.

    Louie wants to fight Dave fuller.

    Anthony is getting fired.

    Some things end because you make your deposit when your not sposed to, and some things end when you don't make your deposit. Go figure.

    Kris Kross will make you Jump Jump.

    Retro Rumor
    Sophia S. is hot.

    Holly is back.

    Tananda is quitting taco bell.

    Mikeamania has entered HBK.

    A tray breaks every Thursday.

    The perfect woman lives in the freehold area.

    Nick likes to touch boys named Tom.

    Holly is the robot from the show small wonder.

    John Kelly Hates Anthony.

    Tananda got fired :*(


    Ted suffered from BK burnout.

    Steve J. is missing.

    Retro Rumor

  • Christine J's opinions suck

    Nick is getting a couch.

    The trash cans say thank you

    James A. lives at burger king.

    Milan wants to come back

    Milan wants to borrow 20 bucks

    (in deep ja rule voice) BABY

    PFFD pictures are coming to the website

    The BK broiler is going away.

    The brownies are Fantastic.

    Eric takes great offense to being called cocky late guy and starts showing up hours earlier than he's scheduled.

    Mike M has grown up into a real boy

    Mike Milburn is gone

    Paul and Joe are dating

    The mellissa's are being numbered

    Natasha is sick. . . again.

    April 13th will be a sad day in bk history.

    Chris and opie are going to kill steve j.

    Steve will be waiting with his brand new 150 dollar shovel.

    Brian D. dissapeared.

    Lou's girlfriend is a little to close to Erica.

    There is a such thing as a real job.

    Retro rumor
    Bryon and Jen are still together.

    Feliz Estre.

    Jason Disbrow has a girlfriend.

    Tom K has a girlfriend

    Ben's last day is sunday.