History of the Hazlet Burger King Web Page

This is a story all about how my life got flipped turned upside down, I'd like to take a minute just sit right there, all tell you all about how i became . . . the creator of the Hazlet Burger King Webpage. The Year: 1999. A High School Student, We will call him "antwon", is sitting on his Home Computer, chatting with his peers about you know guy stuff. Antwon has obsession over a girl we shall call her "Jan". Another man, We will call him "Mickey", Instant Messages him. "Why isn't there anything about Jan on your profile." Mickey at the time is dating a girl we will call her "Jan" as well. So Antwon says "I will put something in there." So he puts "I want to join the Jan Club" He said this because their other friend, We will call him "Juang" is seeing a girl named "Jan" and Antwon's cousin is dating a gil named "Jan" and his other friend we will call him "Gardawg" is dating a girl named "jan" as well. So antwon,(who will go really far just for a joke) makes a web page called the "Jan Club" It was pathetic and kinda funny. Antwon had to much time on his hands. So one day, Antwon is online talking to the Jan is he obsessed with, and Mickey, so mickey says, you should ask jan out. So Antwon, who has to be at work in a half hour says, "OK". And he does. After a long pause, Antwon gets rejected. So he goes to work, and that night when he gets home, Mickey says "me and jan broke up." So within 24 hours, Antwon and mickey were both out of the "jan club" So Mickey suggests "Hey, Why don't we create a web page about Burger King." So Antwon, who in this time has started to teach himself HTML (a programming language). So he creates this rediculously funny web page. He updates it every week(if not more often) and It is a big success. The Employee of the week was created. The Jerk of the week was created. Other sections included the Hall of Fame, The crappy customer of the week, Hogan's corner, The Hardcore Section, The Bowling scores, The Movie revues, the tanskisez section,The fuller's forecast, BK bombers section, the tribute to Dan Brower, and many other sections. After the Web site reached it's peak (like ryan with Marie), People stopped reading it. Many controversy's happened while it was up. The prettiest girl in burger king debate. The Andrea Thomas gets really pissed after reading the site debacle. That time when my computer went down on me, and we didn't have updates for a while. Then, all the people who read the web site quit or got fired, and the web site died. A quick update happened when Mr. Hazlet BK was transfered, but the powers that be found that offensive being as i dissed the company very much. Then it was the HBK website, and people thought it was about shawn micheals, even though everyone knows Marty Jennetty was the better of the Rockers. Then no updates for a long time. Which leads us to last week a kid we will call "Pat McGlynn number 2" Came home from college. Antwon relives the old times and decides with former employee who we will call "Phillip" to recreate the web page. And Here it is. Instead of major contributers being Mark Kester, Lori Tanski, Jen Hines, Michelle Prusakowski, Tarah Thomas, and the main jokes being about Dan Brower, Dan Magistro, Tarah, Christine Freda, Pat McGlynn, Bryon Mayo, Jen Becyzi, Larry ELlis, Dottie Paris, Sean Dunne and Tom Farinaro, there will be new jokes or at least jokes i changed the names on. So in closing i would like to say Mike Milburn is a boygirl.