Snapple Award

ahhh the snapple award. MMMMM SNAPPLE. Anyway, Going down the list of the old winners just makes me wonder about two things. . . "how the hell did Dan Brower and Ryan Delacruz win this award in back to back weeks, Did i get my links mixed up those two weeks, because they definetly belong in the Jackalack award section. And how the hell did Smelly howlett win???.

This Snapple award goes out to Opie. That's right, although i have had my problems with opie in the past, he was the only one to do the right thing. And the right thing was quit because mike and anthony did. What a guy, paid tribute to me by making my last day his last day. His work was mediocre at best, but hey, I don't work there anymore, so it doesn't really matter.

Congratulations Opie, please continute to work so hard so i don't have to even though you quit.

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