Evil Empire

What? Did you guys miss me.What?The creator of this webpage brought me back from retirement.What? Its true Its True. What? Yes i no longer work at the great Burger King b/c "The Office" thought they could save there ass(thats right Jim Corbett,Mr.P, John Agelone you fucking cock sucker and of course Debbie "Im still stuck in the 80's" Lynch barker you two faced bitch say hi to Todd for me.What? Todd stop being Mr. P little bitch you are better then washing windows.What? You think I have a lot of anger built inside me.What? Well did I miss alot when i was gone.What? Well this is what I know and that is Brian is a flaming Homo, Irene is sooo happy i dont work there What? well im here at rider a real school and not in some school in PA Ben you walking talking Lurch Bitch ass.What? well you think this is hardcore.What?Wait till you see what else i wrote.What?

The Beginning of the End(Top ten signs that I didn't care)
10. I started working at Bk: It was the only place that would take me.
9.I spent 5 yrs. working at the Great Bk being passed up as team leader and manager:Debbie good one picking people like Gay Mike and Brad. they worked wonders
8.I finally became manager:I finally became a manager when i stopped caring about Bk
7. Kenny,Anthony, and me had their week trip off of work.Hey anyone seen the box of Pokemon cards.
6.Dancing on the roof wont bring the rain of your own show.
5. Who are those guys in the paper mask with water balloons.
4. Wait what are you doing here taking pictures of snapple bottles and stuff
3.went against Debbie's wished of hanging out with select people
2. Tie: Maybe from the beginning When i started to throw eggs at the great Bk
2. WOW finally joking aroung gets me fired..Fuck that shit read the above statement.
1. Everyone knows this and that is Ria Disbrow: Met her at Bk and also had sex in the Managers Office(so you see its good for something) went out for three yrs. but all good things come to end and that the Beginning of the Evil Empre

Golden Moments

This is for you older employees who will remember the past. "Live in The Now" Every month or so i will post a memory that will be in the Golden Moments Hall of fame.email me at psychokillaz817@aol.com if you have a golden moment. maybe when Tom K tryed to dove into the drive thrue or the Oil spill of 99. and the first inductee to the Golden Moments Hall of Fame. Pokemon Caper: its true its true..you make one silly little dare and it gets you a vacation for a week.. so thank you Kenny and Anthony for that great memory..I promised my self i wouldn't cry.

  • *February:The Pokemon Caper

    Perfect Ten

    This award goes out to the girls of Burger King who make your head turns when they walk by and make you feel all warm inside like the time we climbed the ropes in gym class..so you wont be seeing Dottie or Gwen on this list but you will probally see Ria's name or you might see Jen but which one ha cas we like had like 30 of them.Debbie name wont be on the list and no for you fags not Brian either or you will probally will see Sopia or Trish on here too.. But for Perfect Ten for the Month(s) of Feb-March is your truly Natasha Smith..dam it why cant she be older like 16 or something hey my ex Ria knows you dont let her make you into a slut..when do you turn 16 ...so congrats to Natasha Smith maybe ill show you my award if you show me yours..ask henry

  • *Feb.-Mar.:Natasha Smith

    Past Winners:

  • 1999 winner: Marie Disbrow
  • 2000 winner: Marie Disbrow
  • 2001 co-winners: Marie Disbrow
    co-winners: Jen B( she won who is the hottest at Bk ward)

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