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The word on the street is that the Hazlet Burger King Web Page will be returning. This web site has a great past of starting such great jokes as boygirl, boxer, Moron of the Millennium (TOM K), coffee mike, Marcus Diaz, and the pancake conspiracy. Most of these jokes will be recycled with the names changed to protect the departed in the new Hazlet Burger King Web Page. So Here it is. . . .

I'll start out with something simple and corny for the return, a staple in the old web site, It's not funny, but it's the start.

Kid's Meal

The kids meal Toy right now is Rocket Power. These toys are great for all you skater freaks.

Did you ever wonder why and where the web site started, Here is the story. HiStory


If you don't know what pffd is there is a reason for that. but if you do, then look at the pictures. If you really want to know the story of pffd Click Here

PFFD Pictures

The Snapple Award

This award goes out to the best employee of the pay period (biweekly [and when I say bi, I'm not talking about Bryon)] This employee, like Snapple, is made from the best stuff on earth. or at least did something good enough for me to put him on here. And by the way, Snapple does not indorse this award, We just love it. This award was formerly called the "Employee of the week" and then i got lazy and it became the "Employee of the Month" but now BK has a real employee of the month program, so now it's the Snapple award.

Snapple Award

The Jackalack Award

This award goes to the biggest jerk of the pay period that works at HBK. Formerly called the jerk of the week, It points out the biggest dick (and I don't mean sex organ, because that might get certain people excited) and explains why they are the biggest dick. And no, Ben Cannot win every time. And I will probably never win this award.

Jackalack Award

The Jimmy Award

Much unlike the Jimmy fund which raises money for somebody, the Jimmy Award is a bad thing to receive. Formerly the Crappy costomer of the week, This award always goes to a much deserving valued costomer. I stopped calling it the crappy costomer of the week, because I cannot spell costomer, or irresistable. This award brings one question to mind "Am I to old to go to jail???"

Jimmy Award

Hazlet Burger King Hall of Fame

It's the greatest of the great. The HBK Hall of fame.

BK Championship

THe bk championship is presented by gary hogan. Find out what it is.

The Hardcore Section

The hardcore section was founded by Brian Deracruz, later to be taken over by Ryan Delacruz, and later on passed down to Pat "hardcore boygirl" McGlynn. Here it is for all you hardcore freaks (it has nothing to do with music)

Hardcore Section

Evil Empire

This is the section that could wind up being the demise of the webpage. I had thoughts of not putting up this section because of the evilness of it. But people make me mad, And sections get put up. Throw a disclaimer up . . . and her it is

Evil Empire


Well the questions section wasn't working out to well so i'm going to put it on hiatus till i can think of some better questions. But to replace it. I have decided to put up a quotes section. Not all of these quotes are from burger king, but a lot of them are.



Have No fear, BK rumor mill is here and better and meaner than ever. With some rumors that have some semblance of truth. . . or maybe people just make them up whatever.


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I still would like to thank Carl "Pot"enziari for telling me to put a disclaimer on here, because I'm pretty sure someone should have sued me by now. This web site is not indorsed by Hazlet Burger King, Burger King Corporation, Jim Corbett, The Management Staff of Hazlet Burger King, Mr. Poloski, Mr. Angelone, Jen Becyzi, Juan the old closer, Andrea Thomas, Jen Hines, Debbie Lynn Mirro Smith Johnson O'Brien Lynch Barker, or Anyone really, no one indorses it. It's just here to make people laugh. Everything on this web site is just a joke, and nothing is factual. Most of this stuff is made up. This web site is not meant to do any harm. It's just here to take up all my time and take away from my madden time. John Madden does not support this web site either. Pat Summerall wouldn't support it, if he weren't so crazy and drunk, but I'm sure him and James Glaba Globen would be good friends. Thank you and Goodnight.