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The New York & Greenwood Lake Railroad

Click Here for a map of the NY&GL in the vacinity of Wanaque Reservoir

The Main Line to Greenwood Lake

A passenger train on the New York & Greenwood Lake Railroad passes over Greenwood Lake Turnpike in Hewitt.

It has been many years since the railroad was torn up. Now, a portion of the railroad bed has been recycled as the alignment of East Shore Road between Greenwood Lake Turnpike and Awosting Road. Although the bridge across the road here has been removed, the railroad bed continues south from here until it dissapears into the depths of Monksville Reservior.

This image shows the New York & Greenwood Lake (which later became the Erie Railroad's Greenwood Lake Division) right-of-way heading south towards Ringwood Junction. Part of the railroad is flooded out by the Monksville Reservior a short distance ahead.

The Ringwood Branch

The NY&GL Railroad split at Ringwood Junction. One leg of the switch went north to Greenwood Lake. The other headed northeast into Ringwood, primarily to serve the mines there. Two different alignments of the Ringwood Branch cross Margret King Road today: near Peter's Mine Road, and near the Phillip R. George house (now the Ringwood Police Station). Ringwood Junction is visible in the map of Wanaque Reservior (link at top of page).

An Erie Railroad locomotive waits at the end of the Ringwood Branch for the 'dinkey' engine (upper left) to dump ore into the standard gauge railroad cars. The locomotive is facing a crossing with Margaret King Road only a short distance ahead. The NY&GL was bought by the Erie Railroad and operated as a dividion of the Erie in later years.

Photo from RAMAPO MOUNTAIN STORIES AND TALES by Louis P. West, Sr. Originally from Howard Ball collection.

Want to see more of the remains of the NY&GL in West Milford, Ringwood, and further south? Visit Robert Savino's articles What Lies Beneath (the Wanaque Reservior) and The Greenwood Lake Division - Then & Now.

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