Here you'll find out why I like, what I like on this site^^

Why I like Sailor Moon

I started watching Sailor Moon when I was kinda young. And I remember when it was on real early on in the morning, and I'd have to wake up 6:00am to watch it. I dont remember why it was I watched it, but I think its because it seemed like a bright atmoshere in the show. And the charcters where brightly drawn and interesting. It wasnt till two years ago that I started watching it again(because it was off the air for a while). It was the USA network at 8:00am, and Id tape it come home from school and watch it. It wasnt till later that I realized the show had only gone up to "Sibling Rivalry", and never continued. Upset as I was I stopped watching the show until I found out it was off the air again. Then it switched to channel 11 early in the morning, only on Sunday's, then found its way off the air again! Till last year when it aired on Cartoon Network. I watched it in hopes that maybe the series would continue past that episode, but it didnt and started all over again from the very first episode. Later I discovered from a friend of mine that 17 new episodes where to air on the Cartoon Network. I was very shocked and excited, and I taped every episode when it was on(except for that one day when "Birth of the Wicked Lady" was on the cable got messed up in my house and I had to wait till they showed it again fortuntly I finally seen it).

As for the characters my favorites are SailorMoon(of course). Because I thinks her hair is soo cool, and I even had done my hair like hers once and wore it to school, and it came out good too^^. My second favorite has to be Sailor Mars, I think shes real cool, and she reminds me of Tifa^^ Although I dont like when she bosses Serena around she learns later so shes still the coolest to me. My third fav is Rini aka Chibi Usa. I like her because she is so cute, although a brat at times, she descibes a typical child^-^ My fourth is Chibi Chibi, I dont know much about her yet, but she's too cute not to love! The others are just cool to me nothing big. I know though in the American version of Sailor Moon they cut out alot, but still Sailor Moon remains the first anime I first got interseted in, and its because of Sailor Moon that I like Anime now.

Why I like Pokemon

Ok I know that Pokemon is a little too popular right now, but thats not the reason I like it so much.

Why I like Cloud and Tifa

Put up pictures from special occasions, such as parties, weddings, and graduations.