Tifa's Bio

Tifa Lockhart
  • Age:20
  • Weapon:Glove
  • Height:5'4"
  • Job:Bar Hostees,AVALANCHE member
  • Birthplace:Nibelheim
  • Birthdate:May 3
  • Bloodtype:B
  • Color eyes:Ruby
  • Color Hair:Brunette
  • Zodiac Sign:Taurus
  • Appearances:Final Fantasy VII,Ehrgeiz

Short Story

Beautiful,bright,and optimistic, and with good maternal instinct as well. Tifa always cheers up others when there down. The leading female in Final Fantasy VII; She also owns a bar called 7th Heaven. Also a key member in the anti-Shinra group AVALANCHE, she is willing to help save the planet from the Shinra, and Sephiroth at any cost. Tifa grew up with Cloud Strife in Nibelheim. Though there past a tragic event, she grows deeper feelings for him as the years when they where seperated had gone by! Although these feelings go deeper than friendship, she would never admit them, but she shows them! Tifa's strength is incrediable, so dont underestimate her angelic smiling face^_^

Limit Breaks

Level 1

Beat Rush

Level 2

Water Kick

Level 3

Dolphin Blow
Meteor Strike

Level 4

Final Heaven

Tifa's Weapon's

Leather Glove
Metal Knuckle
Mythirl Claw
Grand Glove
Tiger Fang
Diamond Knuckle
Dragon Claw
Crystal Glove
Motor Drive
Platinum Fist
Kaiser Knuckle
Work Glove
Master Fist
God's Hand
Premium Heart