Poor Tifa. People always seem to spread rumors about her and tell lies to slander her character and make her look bad. =( Why would anyone do this to a person as sweet and lovable as our dear goddess? I'm going to set the record straight on these myths once and for all!
Note: This was inspired by Razynne. Most of the wording here was taking from her site. And yes I have asked permission to use this, so im not breaking any rights or anything, ask her yourself if you dont believe me! I also have added my own writing in between her writing, so not all the writing is hers!

"Tifa is a slut!" No, she is not! She does not act slutty in the least! Even though her clothing could be a little more modest, that doesn't mean she is a slut. She is obviously very beautiful, and she likes to show it off. She could have had other boyfriends before or after she moved to Midgar, but that doesn't make her a slut. (My theory is she is waiting to have sex until she does get a chance to be with Cloud. I'm a hopeless romantic... ^_^) What ticks me off is the fact that Aeris flirts with and hangs all over Cloud throughout the ENTIRE time she's in the game, but everyone says she's all innocent and pure! Innocent my ass! >_<

"Aeris is stronger than Tifa!" I don't even think so. She might have stronger defensive Limit Breaks, but that's about all. Besides, Tifa faced Sephiroth (twice - once in Nibelheim and once at the final battle) and lived. Aeris faced Sephiroth, and... well... *makes a slicing sound*

"Yuffie is better than Tifa!" This is a matter of pure opinion. I think Yuffie cool(my opinion). But everyone seems to think of her more as immature, but she's teenager. But she's still not better than Tifa(my opinion again).

"Aeris belongs with Cloud. Tifa is just trying to break them apart." Personally, I think Tifa belongs with Cloud. He only knew Aeris a very short time before her death. But he has known Tifa nearly all his life, and they seem to have a close bond that is much more than friendship. Who pulled Cloud out of the Lifestream and helped him put his thoughts back in order? Tifa. And if it was anyone trying to break up anyone, it was Aeris trying to break up Cloud and Tifa, that's for damn sure!

"Tifa is so mean to Aeris!" You find me ONE instance where Tifa is mean to Aeris, and I'll give you a hundred dollars. Tifa is nice to everyone. -_-;

"Tifa dresses like a whore!" I don't think she does. I mean, if I was going to be running around doing a lot of fighting, I'd want to wear something that would allow me to move freely. Before I saw more drawings of Tifa, I actually thought she was wearing shorts instead of a mini-skirt. It only seemed logical that she wouldn't fight in a skirt, but she manages to do it, anyway. Besides, I don't see anything wrong with wearing a plain white tank top and a leather skirt. (well, except for when she goes to Great Glacier... that would be cold) Heehee, and if all else fails, she could distract the bad guys with her stunning beauty, then kick 'em in the ass! ^_~ Although, if I had designed Tifa, I would have let her at least wear pants.

"Tifa can't fight! She just learned how so she could impress Cloud!" Ummm... actually, Cloud learned to fight so HE could impress Tifa. That's why he joined SOLDIER. And, yes, she CAN fight; just watch her during battle.

"Tifa broke up Aeris and Cloud!" First of all, Cloud and Aeris were never "together", and second, if they were, Aeris's DEATH is what broke them apart! Tifa never once tried to come between them while Aeris was alive. Even after Aeris's death, you could see Tifa tried to comfort Cloud, because she knew he had some feelings for Aeris. Even before they met Aeris, Tifa had obvious romantic feelings toward Cloud, but never said anything. And you would have to be blind if you couldn't notice a little love between them on the second disk. Because I personally saw alot of it, more than friendship!

"Tifa is a useless character! Aeris saved everyone by praying for Holy!" If that makes Tifa useless, then it makes every other character useless, too. Actually, if you want to be really picky, the only character that isn't useless is Professor Gast, because, without him there would be no Jenova project, Sephiroth would have been just another accidental child, and there would be no plot to FF7. The point I'm trying to make is that all the characters have an important role. Plus everyone seems to forget that if it wasn't for Tifa, Cloud wouldn't have joined AVALANCHE thus, Cloud wouldn't have met Aeris. And if it wasn't for Tifa, Cloud would still be in the Lifestream, probably dead, thus Cloud would have never beaten Sephy! So don't go telling me or anyone else, Tifa wasn't important, because she was JUST as important or more so, as Aeris, and anyone else in the game.

"Tifa had sex with Cloud!" There is absolutely NOTHING in the game that says Tifa and Cloud had sex, and I have played the American version of FF7 and read the script to the Japanese version, too. Close to the end, Tifa and Cloud fell asleep outside the Highwind, and they woke up holding each other. (I thought it was romantic!) However, they went to sleep fully-clothed and were still wearing clothes when they woke up. There wasn't any evidence there or anywhere else that Tifa and Cloud had sex.

"Tifa has this little goody-goody act that she uses to make everyone like her!" Just because a person tries to be optimistic makes her a "goody-goody"? I think not.

"Cloud hates Tifa! She needs to get over him!" I admit that Cloud seems a little indifferent toward Tifa in the American version of FF7. However, in the Japanese version, he seems a lot more sensitive, and he is much nicer to her throughout the game. Even in the American version, Cloud acts nicer to Tifa after his ordeal with her in the Lifestream. Cloud does NOT hate Tifa.

"Tifa doesn't belong with Cloud! She fell in love with Zack!" Tifa doesn't ever once say anything about having feelings for Zack - I don't think she even knew him very well. How anyone could assume that Tifa fell in love with Zack instead of Cloud is beyond my comprehension.

"Tifa has breast implants!" Okay, in case you haven't figured this out... TIFA IS NOT A REAL PERSON. She is a group of pixels on your tv screen and therefore cannot have breast implants. I don't see why people say her breasts are so big, anyway. They're not.

"Tifa is such a damsel in distress! Cloud is always having to rescue her!" Yes, I'm sure if YOU had fallen off a cliff or been stabbed with a sword the size of a truck, you wouldn't need help. >_<; Besides, Tifa does her share of rescuing Cloud, such as what happened in the Lifestream. If ANYONE is a 'damsel in distress', it's Aeris! You're constantly having to rescue her and protect her all throughout disc 1. It gets annoying; at least Tifa can take care of herself. She escaped from Scarlet's gas chamber without help. Yeah sure your thinking of when Tifa was captured by Corneo as well, but if you ask me Tifa could have gotten out herself, Cloud chose to rescue Tifa because he cared for her so :P

"Tifa doesn't belong with Cloud! She and Vincent should be together!" I have to admit, Tifa and Vince do make a nice-looking couple, but Vincent is almost twice her age... I think he's almost old enough to be her father. >_<

"You need to get a life!" I thought we were discussing Tifa here... O_o Fine, you can tell me to "get a life" all you want, but if you don't know me, I suggest you don't make assumptions like that. I go to school and do other things besides work on this website; it's just a hobby.

"Tifa wouldn't make a good mother at all she's too impatient, Aeris would be much better" Well everyone is entitled to there own opinion, but I wouldn't think Tifa wouldn't make a good mother at ALL. I personally think she has very good maternal instinct, and took care of Marlene very well when Barret was gone. Aeris didn't take care of Marlene much, and I was never indicated that Aeris was more patient. I think Tifa is one of the most patient characters in FF7, because she always seemed to take her time to help others, like calming down Barret or stop him from doing stupid things. Aeris always seemed to rush into things, like running off when she was told not to! She wasn't patient at all most of the time.

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