Midis Page

This page includes Midis from, Sailor Moon, and Final Fantasy VII, and also some extra Midis I like from various stuff. Enjoy^_^

Final Fantasy VII Midis

Tifa Lockhart's Theme#1 -#2 -#3 -#4 -#5 -#6 -#7 -#8 -#9
Piano Version
This is Tifa's Theme, sometimes this theme makes me sad, but Its still one of the most beautiful, romanticest, theme's in Final Fantasy VII(hehe you can tell its my favorite theme huh!::giggles::)
NOTE~~Tifas Theme 1-5, I found on the net, 6-9 and the Piano version, are brand new versions I made myself (some slower than others)feel free to use all versions here^^(Also somebody had to match all those Aeris Midis out there, they where annoying me^-^)
Sephiroth's Theme
Sephiroth's theme played all over Final Fantasy VII
Final Fantasy Theme
This is the theme that plays at the beginning of every Final Fantasy game
Final Fantasy VII World Theme
This theme is played when you travel the land in FF7(Cloud also plays this on Tifas piano^_^)
Battle Theme
This is the Battle theme in FF7(very upbeat, oh everyone knows that hehe~)
Interrupted By Fireworks#1 -#2
When Cloud went on the Gondola ride!(one of Cloud and Tifa's Themes)
NOTE~~People may think this is might also a Cloud, Aeris theme, its truthfully not because, you have a 50-50% chance of dateing either or in the game! I also say its a Cloud,Tifa theme, because#1 When you take Tifa on the date at the end she was about to say"I love you Cloud" but didnt, thus she was interrupted by Fireworks, Aeris wasnt! #2 And in Mideel when Tifa was looking for Cloud, and she found him that music played^_^(then again everyone has there own opinions)!
Victory Fanfare
The Victory Fanfare in FF7
The Highwind
When you ride in the Highwind
Rufus' Welcome
When Rufus enters Junon
Cosmo Canyon#1 -#2
This is Red XIII's home theme.
Seto is Red XIII's Father, and this is the theme where Red discovers that his Father was a hero(a nice theme)
Aeris Gainsborough's Theme
Uh well Im not fond of this theme, but some people on the other hand like it(eh Im not judgeing im trying to be fair by putting it up) So I'll say what those people who like it would say "its a nice theme" ok!
Barret Wallace's Theme
This is Barret's Theme, it was played in 7th Heaven(Tifa's Bar)
Cid Highwind's Theme
Cid's Theme(I like this one^_^)
Cait Sith's Theme
You hear this music when you first meet Cait Sith at the Gold Saucer.
Yuffie Kisgari's Theme#1 -#2
You hear this kewl theme when you meet up with that materia stealing girl Yuffie(~hehe~ I personally think shes cool!)
Chocobo Battle
This theme is when you battle Choco's(chocos are soo cute hehe~)
Hold On To Your Thoughts
This theme is played several times throughout the game, but its first played when you leave Midgar.
Costa Del Sol
This is played after you get off the Junon ship and enter Costa Del Sol.
On That Day 5 Years Ago
This is another Cloud and Tifa theme, this is about that day when Sephiroth ruined Cloud, and Tifa's Live's.

Well when I find more Midis for FF7 I'll put em up(besides I bet you guys have em all anyway) I just like having em up for convenience^_^

Sailor Moon Midis

MoonLight Legend
The opening theme song for all the seasonal episodes with the exception of the Sailor Stars season.
A Thousand Years Ago
The theme for the Moon Kingdom.
Call My Name and I'll be There#1 -#2
One of the songs Rei sings in front of her school.
Carry On#1 -#2
The song when Princess Usagi(Serena)and the Inner Senshi fight Queen Beryl(Metallia).
Don't Tease My Dreams
Chibi Usa's song.
Haruka and Michiru
Haruka and Michiru's Theme.
Haruka and Michiru's Romantic Theme
This is so lovely, it's kinda sad. Almost like happy memories in a tough future. It was played during the Talisman episodes.
It's a New Day
The song played after the fight with Queen Metallia(Beryl).
Moon Locket#1 -#2 -#3
The Moon Locket given to Prince Darien by Princess Serena before Prince Darien left to fight(sad theme). NOTE~~Moon Locket #2 was made by yours truley ~hehe~
Moon Kingdom Aftermath
This is a sad theme, and it was played after Queen Beryl was beaten by Queen Serenity.
Moon Prism Power
The theme used when Usagi transform into Sailor Moon.
Moon Cosmic Power
Sailor Moon Super's BG music for transforming.
My Only Love#1 -#2
This song was played before and when the Senshi find out Usagi is really Princess Usagi(Serena).
Oh Starry Night
This is the other song Rei sings in front of her school(very beautiful song).
Power of Love
This song is from the 17 new episodes, and was played in the battle with The Wise Man(one of favs beacause it has a nice beat).
La Soldier
This the song when Neo-Queen Serenity is fighting the Wise Man but this what they used in Japan instead of Power of Love. But this is still a really great song because its upbeat as well!
Sailor Stars Song#1 -#2
The Starlights sang this song.
Eternal Moon
This is Eternal Sailor Moon's song.
Well I love this theme, but I have no idea what part of Sailor Moon its in^_^

Well I will try and put up more Midis when I have the chance,(I tried putting up the favorite ones^_^)


Celes' Theme#1 -#2
From Final Fantasy 3(its a pretty theme)
Final Fantasy Piano
This is the Final Fantasy theme but in piano version.
I'll Be
This song was done by "Edwin McCain" and also played on a episode of Dawson's Creek^_^(My favorite song too)!
On My Own
This is from the play Les Miserables, and also from a Dawson's Creek episode^_^ I love this song its so pretty and romantic!