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Check out my *favorite* Mb's, some have to do with Final Fantasy VII, some Sailor Moon and other various stuff! If you have a Message Board and would like to have it put up please give your Mb# and name email me, and I will check it out to see if it is ok, and I will put it up^-^

~Message boards~

SailorDragonX's Mb
Colleen's Music Mb
The Heaven's Cloud Mb
For the Love of Tifa Mb
Tifa's Mb
Tifa Lockhart's Mb
FantasyLord's Tifa Shrine Mb
Machine X's Tifa Mb
Gerudo Pimp's RPG Mb
Oddfellow's FF7 Mb
Oddfellow's Board
Veeil Verlim's FF7 Mb
Cyan's FF7 Mb
*Aeris'* FF7 Mb
The Rock's Mb
Ultima Cloud's FF7 Mb
Aeris01's Mb
F.F. Masters Message Board

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