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Tifa Lockhart. Of all the main characters in Final Fantasy VII, she is my favorite. Why her? Well, she is human. She is not a guy. She is not a doll (in the literal sense). She is not under-aged. Finally and most importantly, she is not dead. By process of elimination, that leaves Tifa and only Tifa.

What's new? - April 12, 2000

In the DVD: Cowboy Bebop Volume 1


I know. I know. I haven't updated in a while and I'm long overdue to do it. Sigh. Sorry, but I just haven't had much in the way of time lately (especially thanks to illness and work).

The updates on the site today are merely cosmetic. I'll be canceling my Earthlink account shortly and thus I need to remove all references to the old site and e-mail address from my hibiki.megami.net pages. I'll try to add in some new content (like the pictures and stuff that are sitting on my old hard drive) if and when I get the chance.


- Aaron
Updates made:

  • Added separate page for the legal disclaimer
  • Adjusted links as needed to reflect loss of Earthlink account
  • Changed all personal e-mail addresses to reflect loss of Earthlink
  • Crafted new index.html for Tifa site
  • Removed counter reference at bottom of main page


I'll admit that my obsession with all things Tifa is a little farther than "normal" people. However, this does not mean I go that extra obsessive mile and dabble in the dark side. You will find no nude/obscene fan art pictures nor any direct links to web sites that contain said images. The only images or information I give on these pages will be tasteful and hopefully (if not entirely) pertinent to only Square's characters and storylines. I will not help nor respond to any questions concerning the location of these images. I will publish your offending letter with a link to your e-mail address via my offenders' board if you ignore this warning. Consider yourself warned.

Note on translations:

Most people will probably point out to me that I've spelled Tifa's last name incorrectly. Yes, in the English version her last name is spelled "Lockheart" I'll admit. However, I've been following the game since its Japanese release and have purchased some of the action figures. In doing so, I have gotten used to referring to her as having the last name "Lockhart". It's a minor quibble and I've tried to keep the rest of the pages' information relevant to the English version of Final Fantasy VII. You'll have to just give me this one exception, because after all I am the one writing this webpage.

Final Fantasy VII, Tifa Lockhart and a few other things are copyright 1997 Square Co., Ltd. Final Fantasy and Square Soft are registered trademarks of Square Co., Ltd. All other material is copyrighted to it's respective owner. If any laws are being broken, please mail me and I'll do my best to rectify the situation... If you're ticked off that I didn't write spoiler at the top of this page, then screw you. It's your own fault for wandering onto the internet. I cried when she died too you know, even after the surprise was ruined by AOHELL's preview movie. BTW, I've quit AOHELL now and I feel a lot better, thank you.