Fanart for Cloud and Tifa

Here is the fanart section for Cloud and Tifa. These pictures where done by unknown artists. So have fun exploring these *beautiful* pictures, in this part of the Shrine^^

Cloud Tifa

Cloud holding Tifa
Cute Cloud and Tifa
Cloud protecting Tifa
In eachothers arms
Cloud and Tifa(the ending, animated gif)
Cloud holding Tifa
A sad Cloud and Tifa:(
Cloud giving Tifa a flower
Tifa holding a Cloud doll (hehe~ very cute)
Cloud and Tifa playing there roles at the Gold Saucer
Cloud and Tifa a little kids(Super cute~)
Cloud and Tifa with different clothes on
Tifa on Cloud's back(cute~)
A peaceful couple
A kiss for a strong love
Love under the night
Tifa laying on her bed with a Cloud doll
Tifa with little cute Cloud
Sketch of Cloud and Tifa as children
Cloud and Tifa back to back in battle
There love is eternal
Cloud and Tifa 11 years ago(sooooo cute~)
Cloud and Tifa in Kimono's(with Red grinning~)
Cloud and Tifa at the FF Academy Awards
Little Cloud and Tifa under starlight
Star Love
Cloud and Tifa under a tree
Another young Cloud and Tifa
Cloud VS. Tifa

Cloud and Tifa's Wedding Pictures