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This is my own WebRing I created for Cloud and Tifa fans all over^-^

Read this first before submitting your site to the Cloud and Tifa Forver Webring!
If you have a site that is dedicated to Cloud and(OR)Tifa (or if your just a fan of them)and would like to be a part of this *Brand New* ring, feel free! Even if you have a Final FantasyVII or an Ehrgeiz page, and you love Cloud and Tifa you my join as well.
Your site can NOT be Hentai or anything like that if it is I will be forced to delete your application!
And your site of course can NOT be anti-tifa and pro Aeris and Cloud!
And I would also appreciate if you DO decide to join this wonderful ring, please sign my Gb, its not needed but I would be happy if you did^^

To Join:
first, copy the two pictures below, then get the HTML fragment here. Or if you want a text only version go here Feel free to put any font on your fragment to change it for the text version. Or if you'd like to take the time to change it on the picture version font only though!

Put the html and the pictures on YOUR webspace.Replace Your_Name_Here with YOUR name or nickname and replace SITE_OWNER_EMAIL with YOUR e-mail address. Replace the SITE_ID_HERE with the site ID number you are given when you submit to the queue. To submit your site to the queue, please fill out the form below. After you should get an e-mail saying you were submitted to the queue and another if/when you get into the ring.

This is what your banner will look like*-* try it here if you'd like to see it work!

This Cloud and Tifa Forever Webring is owned by
Angel aka Tifa.

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Here a version of the Text only^^

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