Meowth's Bio

Here's everything you'll need to know about the furry member of of Team Rocket, Meowth!

Meowth's Stats
  • Age: ?
  • Color eyes: I guess black
  • Japanese name: Nyase
  • Pokemon: He doesnt own any, but he's a Pokemon himself anyway^^
  • English voice actress: Adam Blaustein
  • Japanese voice actress: Inuyama Inuko


Well, Meowth is a Pokemon, and he IS the only Pokemon that speaks like a human. Meowth seems very devoted when things interest him, like when he took care of Togepi, he refused to give him up, because he cared. Or when he liked that trainer, Cassandra, in the episode "The problem with Paras". The trainer in that episode made Meowth feel better, and he liked her so much because of it he helped her evolve her Paris. I find Meowth funny and serious at times. Meowth is also very self-confident at times, like he wants to be number one all the time, and wants to be on the bosses side, and getting that dang persian outa the way^^ Overall Meowth is cute, but sometimes gets a mean streak because of his role in Team Rocket!

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