Jessie's Bio

Here's everything you'll need to know about Jessie of Team Rocket^^

Jessie's Stats
  • Age: 17
  • Color eyes: Blue
  • Japanese name: Musashi
  • Pokemon: Arbok(evolved from a Ekans she recieved on her Birthday)and Licktung (she caught lickitung in a recent episode called "Princess VS Princess").
  • English voice actress: Rachel Lillis
  • Japanese voice actress: Hayashibara Megumi


Not much of Jessie's past is known(i dont know it anyway). But I do know that Jessie more or less grew up with James ever since they met in the Pokemon Tech school. Jessie can be very bossy towards James alot, but I can tell Jessie has feelings for him, its the way they act toward one another. And she is just trying to help the team out(since James is so lazy^^) Her attitude is also on her looks sometimes, than anything else. Other than the bossing poor James around part I think Jessie is a rather tough cool girl^^.

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