Save the Jersey Clubs

Believe it or not I have wrote this essay not to humor or piss you off, but to inform you about a scary trend that it occuring to NJ's precious hardcore clubs which may eventually lead the NJ Hardcore, Punk, and Ska scene into a dark age full of misery and incessant techno music. Let me elaborate please. If you live in the North Jersey area like me, and into punk or hardcore, you may have heard that the nightclub in Newark call the Pipeline has closed down permanently. To add more tragedy, the famous Asbury Park bar called the Stone Pony is as the media explains "renovating" to cater to a dance club demographic. We must put an end before humanity diluted to day old piss.

Dispite being in a bad part of Newark, the Pipeline has hosted some of the best hardcore shows in the past years. Such bands as Snapcase, Earth Crisis, Catch 22, VOD and others have provided the ever growing rebelous youth a place to socialize and be entertained away from the dangerous streets that suround it. However, that is all in the past, for the Mecca of underground music has closed the doors. The reason is simple: the owner wasn't making enough money. Since when was fun obliterated by capitalism? Punk is not a business but a lifestyle.(As I expressed many times before) Of course a hardcore band isn't going to sign million dollar contracts, because they have something called principle. Evidently the owner, who wasn't original one, could not see past the register at the ticket window to provide for the community no matter how many piercings they have.

If anyone has the local evening news (channel 12), you probably already know that Asbury Park's famous watering hole, the Stone Pony, is making a painful transition to an underground club to a dance club. Basically they want to be like Studio 54 but with less cocaine. How can I say this in the calmest way I can, THIS IS TOTAL BULLSHIT! Aah, that felt good. Anyway, this club which for over 3 decades have provided a gig for many local bands before they made it big like Bruce Springsteen and Bon Jovi (even though they both suck) have officially sold out to the mainstream, corporate, conformist, world. Sure it is a shithole, but it is a refuge for lozer punks like me, the lack of air conditioning, the graffiti on the bathroom walls, and the overpriced beer were not a factor to the music, the crowd, and the feeling of fun that is steadily being devouard by the media. This will mean that the admission will probably be more expensive, the dress code a little neater, and the atmosphere alot more shallow and disapointing.

Where do we turn to next? North Jersey is only a small example of what is happening around the underground world. Pretty soon they will censor our music, moderate our clothing, possibly, through aversion therapy, control our attitude and way of thinking. Okay, maybe I'm a little paranoid but hey, I guess you never can tell in this joke of an MTV generation. So here is what I'm asking you all to do, next time you go to a show and the singer preaches about "supporting your local scene", take it seriously before that club will be playing Spice Girls in a matter of time. In a more demented way, if you are in Asbury Park and see the Pony, spray paint "sellout" or "trendy" on the outside, but don't get caugt. For a safer form of protest, write to the Stone Pony and express your concearn, I'm sorry but I don't have the address, you can probably find it in the Village Voice, or the Aquarian. Don't fret, there are still other club in north Jersey that have hardcore shows, Skater's World in Wayne, Nutley VFV, Coney Island High in NYC or even CBGB's among the many local bars near the city. As the lead singer of H20 once preached, "Don't forget the struggle, don't forget the streets, don't forget your roots, and don't sellout."