A Comprehensive look at People who make me Bleed out of my Anus

You know who they are. Those idiots you confront everyday of your life and have to deal with against your will. Sometimes you want to shoot them or hope they die a horrible painful death. Don't deny it everyone has a shit-list, even someone as wholesome as a priest, but not everyone has the opportunity to express their animosity towards them. Henceforth, I have worked strenuously around the clock to come up with a list of my own and a description telling of the charges against them. In case you are wondering I used Roxbury High School, a haven for assholes, as my inspiration. Hope you enjoy.

Jocks: This is an obvious one. My school is plagued with them. They walk around in thier varsity jackets bragging about their touchdowns or homeruns. They persecute the thinkers with constant bullying in an attempt to be popular without going through the burden of using their brain. They only go out with the easiest, most airheaded girls in order to get laid. They can't express any emotion at all because their insecurity is overbearing. Someday as they are mopping the same floors that they strutt with such arrogance today, they will have regret for not attempting to learn anything in high school.

Cheerleaders: The characteristics of these pom-pom waving, short skirt wearing, bimbos run parrelel to the jocks in many ways. They rely on image as a way of being popular and suceeding. They don't believe in learning, only about getting drunk at parties and getting laid for attention. They wear too much make-up, and have no knowledge of art or philosophy. Sure they may give some boys a hard-on now, but remember in 10 years when they are on welfare and can't afford Nair for their mustached lips, you'll be happy you hung out with the girl who read books during lunch.

Conformists: Jocks and cheerleaders fall into this category. These are the people who will do anything to fit in, follow the trends as long as they are in the "crowd", and are afraid to speak their mind because they don't want to be rejected by their peers. They have no insight or intelligence of reality and are too narrowminded to accept different people (intellects,losers,me)for who they are. They have no true principles and will do stupid acts, as long as everyone else is also doing it.

Racists: In my school which is predomitatly white, there are alot of assholes who discriminate against minorities because they were raised to do so by their idiot parents and friends. These people use the "N" word freely and drive pickup trucks and listen to Ozzy (not that I'm stereotyping all racists) It is true that ignorance is the cause of racism and sometimes it is just too hard to teach a lump of shit.

Homophobes: These fall into the same line as racists. They call certain boys faggots or certain girls dykes without even knowing for sure if they are homosexual. They believe all the stereotypes and pick on them because they can't admit they are wrong. As the great punk band Propagandi said "Homophobes are just pissed because they can't get laid."

Preppies- The majority of my school is filled with upright conformists who wear tight blue jeans, gap clothing, perfectly combed hair, and clean looking shoes. I HATE THOSE FUCKING PEOPLE! They are phonies, shallow, stuck-up and all around dicks. They call people who don't care about fashion, scumbags, when in truth they are the scumbags with their empty personalities. "It's important to look good, people will like you" As one drone once said to me. I don't know where it says that the neater you dress, the better a person you will be.

Trendies: What would high school be like without the trendies. Whatever is hot on MTV or top 40 radio is the T-shirt they will be wearing tomorrow. They never have an independent thought in their mind and would worship dogshit if the Smashing Pumpkins advertised for it. Such trendies in my school listen to Hanson, Spice Girls, Blink 182, Bad Religion, Sublime, Bosstones, Zepplin, Puff Daddy, Wu tang, and anything else a jock would brag about listen. They watch, Friends, Buffy, Dawson's Creek, Real World, and even I hate to admit it but South Park. Just remember for all you trendies out there, Vanilla Ice and Reo Speedwagon were once as popular and hip as the bands listed above.

Those rich kids who dress up like gangstas to impress people: Are you sick and tired of seeing kids where Tommy Gear, Polo, Fila, Wu wear, or Fubu or anything else that is over priced and looks ridiculous. The kids in my school who wear this live in nice homes, with swimming pools and big screen TVs and drive brand new cars that their parents bought for them. Yet they try and act like they are from New York where many of them have never experienced suffering in their lives. Don't get me wrong, I'm almost dirt poor. I had to pitch in $500 for this shitty Gateway and have to work two jobs for a car and college. Call me white trash, but at least I won't waste hundreds of dollars on the latest fashion trend.

Well there you go my shit-list. Believe me this will most likely be updated in time. You are probably think why I bitch too much. Well guess what, I have the right to bitch just like those mentioned above have the right to be assholes. If you disagree with my opinion or if you posess any of the traits mentioned above, feel free to mail me with either insults or suggestions.

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