Outside and inside of a local shopping mall, in front of your local 7-11, even the street corner of your childhood community, the authorities are depriving us of a freedom: The Right to Stand Around and Do Nothing.

Many of you read the title and the unfortionate fact above and thought that this is a very lame joke. Mark my word, this an actual injustice that is occuring in our society. Yet it is easily being ignored by folks who blindly turn the other cheek until they are the victims of a police excuse to keep the youth and minorities opressed. Paranoia, possibly, but as believer of individual liberties, I feel that others should be informed of the injustice anti-loitering laws are.

This grassroots campaign is still germinating, in the following weeks I will post links, stories, facts, and events relating to our fight for public socializing. Fight the Good Fight my Fellow Passive Warriors.

Links to Educate you

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