Links to some Bands I'm into.

Well, here ya go, some of my favorite bands. I know what you're saying, "what the fuck, there are only a few?". Believe me, I'm into a whole lot more than what you see. Sometimes it's almost impossible to find the perfect webpage to cater to my viewers. Don't worry I'll have more as time progresses.

If you saw my biography you know I'm into punk. I've been listening to punk practically all my life eversince I was in my Dukes of Hazard pajamas listening when my half-brothers played old school vinyls and smoked pot in their rooms. As I grew, I began to see punk as more of just great music, but a lifestyle and a philosophy expressed to the rebelious youth. Now I have a shitload of vinyls, mostly borrowed from my brothers, with a couple of cds, and cassettes, I don't like to waste too much money on them.

Along with listening to punk, I also go to shows in North Jersey and New York. I've seen alot of hardcore shows, however the only thing I like about NJHC is the mosh-pit as opposed to the perpetual screaming into the mic. Now that I live in New Brunswick, NJ there is a lively HC scene going on yet I'm too fucking busy wrapped up in my studies to experience it. Such a glass ceiling if I ever saw one.

Well enough boring you with my pointless bullshit. Here are just a few bands and record labels I'm into. Enjoy.

Links to The Devil's Music

Less Than Jake
Alternative Tentacles
Dance Hall Crashers
Revelation Records
Dead Kennedys (All-Time Favorite Band)
Minor Threat
Operation Ivy