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Morris County, NJ

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ALL ADOPTION BUNNIES HAVE NOW GONE TO THEIR FOREVER HOMES!  If you need to find a new home for your bunny –

If your bunny was purchased from me

If your bunny was purchased elsewhere



MC900105188[1]UPDATED 12/26/13 currently available bunnies.  Mini Rex, Holland Lop & Rex available.   Some older bunnies available as well.  All are ready to go now, no wait!! HOLLAND LOP THERE IS CURRENTLY NO WAIT LIST.  E-mail me for more information & photos. 


I will be cutting down on the herd very heavy this year.  Please contact me for information on what is available.  I have breeding animals, show prospects, some older Mini Rex & Holland Lop available also I will be selling my cages & supplies as rabbits are sold.  Email me what you are looking for & I’ll see if I have anything that matches.  I will be posting pictures & more updated lists of what is available in the next few weeks.  CHECK THE AVAILABLE PAGE FOR MORE INFO ON WHAT’S READY TO GO NOW!


This website is best viewed with Internet Explorer.  Certain browsers will not display the pictures.  If you are experiencing trouble & cannot see the pictures, please try a different browser or contact me & I will try to e-mail them.

You will find information on bunnies and their care on this website.  Visit all our pages or e-mail us for more information.


To be added to my mailing list for rabbits please send your request with your e-mail address to please put the breed of rabbit or at least rabbits in the subject line (e-mails without subjects will be sent to spam detector & not opened)!!  I try to return e-mails within 1 week.  If you do not hear from me please send another e-mail, e-mails do get lost sometimes. 

We breed for quality & temperament, not quantity. All rabbits are guaranteed healthy and free of disease for 2 weeks from date of purchase (click on the link for more information). Please feel free to e-mail us with any questions or for more information. All rabbits are handled daily, are friendly & make excellent pets. We raise pedigreed Rex, Mini Rex, & Holland Lop.

If nothing is available you can be placed on a wait list for future litters.

Cages & supplies are usually available (no shipping) e-mail us for details or check cage or supplies page.  We keep only a small supply in stock, so when inquiring about your bunny ask about what is in stock.


Triple Creek Rabbits is located in beautiful Morris County, NJ.  There is NO SHIPPING available.  You must be able to pick up in NJ or at local shows (NJ, eastern PA & southeastern NY).  Contact us for more information.


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Favorite Links

expbul1d  American Rabbit Breeders Association

expbul1d  ShowBunny Web Site

expbul1d  National Rex Breeders Association

expbul1d  National Mini Rex Rabbit Club



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Contact Information

E-mail address

Please contact us for more information or with any questions


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Breeds Raised

All of our rabbits make excellent pets & have wonderful temperaments.  Please click on the breed name to be taken to the for sale page for pictures of bunnies currently available.

expbul1d   Rex – The Rex is a wonderful large breed; bucks (males) mature to 7 ½ to 9 pounds & does (females) mature to 8 to 10 pounds.  They have wonderful velvet like fur.  They are very docile & friendly.  Most enjoy being held.  Varieties raised - Black, Broken, Chocolate, Lilac, Otters (Black, Blue, and Chocolate) & Tri.   Other varieties are occasionally available.  All are pedigreed.

        expbul1d   Mini Rex – Mini Rex are very active & love people.  They have fur that feels like velvet.  Males mature to 3 to 4 ¼ pounds, females to 3 ¼ to 4 ½.  We raise the following varieties - Black, Blue, Broken (white with colored spots), Chocolate, Lilac & Tri.  Other varieties are occasionally available.  All are pedigreed.

expbul1d  Holland Lop – Extremely cute & friendly bunnies.  Holland’s have floppy ears & are very small, both males & females are 4 pounds or under.  Most enjoy being held & make excellent pets.  Breeding solid & broken in blue & tri & sables.

expbul1d   Flemish Giant – We are no longer breeding Flemish Giants.

expbul1d   Mini Lop – We are no longer breeding Mini Lops.



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The History of Triple Creek Rabbits

Triple Creek Rabbits was started in 1995, with a trio of Mini Lop pets.  I went to my first rabbit show in August 1995 & saw my first REX!!  When I felt that coat, it was love…I had to have him & I was bitten by the rabbit show bug.  Monti came home with me that day & I started the search for a mate.  I began showing in 1997, with Monti & some of his babies & that is how it all began.   I added Mini Rex in 1996, Flemish Giants in 1998 (we have stopped breeding Flemish as of Dec ‘05) & Holland Lops 2001.

We currently have 62 holes inside the barn & 32 brand new outside condos (pictures will be posted soon, check back) & house Rex, Mini Rex & Holland Lop.

We usually have stock for sale.  Pet, show & breeding stock is available almost year round.  Babies (8 weeks & up), juniors (4 to 6 months) & seniors (over 6 months) are usually available.

We bred for quality & not quantity so numbers are sometimes limited.  E-mail or check the for sale/adoption pages for current information.


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Show Information –

Due to personal reasons I haven’t shown in the past few years.  I will be getting out to a few select shows in fall 2010, come back soon to view placings!


expbul1dNational Rex Point Standings (Open) Jan – Dec 2005

2005 Open Variety Standings –

          Open Lilac - #2 with 6 shows 122 points


expbul1dNational Rex Point Standings (Open) Jan – Dec 2004

2004 Open Variety Standings –

          Open Lilac - #5 with 10 shows 95 points


expbul1dNational Rex Final Point Standings (Open) Jan – Dec 2003

2003 Open Variety Standings –

            Open Colored Fur – tied for #10 spot!

Open Chocolate – Seems chocolates haven’t been plentiful in my barn, looking forward to showing some in 2005.

            Open Lilac - #4 with 12 shows 153 points

Open Otter – Not placed in the top 10 this year.  Just didn’t make it to enough shows.

2002 Open Overall Standings - #26 with 16 shows 802 points

2002 Open Variety Standings –

Open Chocolate - #8 with 13 shows 90 points

Open Lilac - #7 with 11 shows 84 points

Open Otter - #10 with 16 shows 223 points

2001 National Rex standings - #5 in Lilac!!

2000 National Rex Show, Harrisburg, PA May 5-7, 2000 - Winner of BOV Chocolate, BOSV Black Otter, 2 Broken Senior does placed in top 10 of 24 (3rd & 9th)!

2000 National Rex final point standings - #6 in Lilac

2000 National Mini Rex final point standing - #8 in Seal variety points


expbul1d   Currently attending shows in NJ, Eastern PA, Southeastern NY & occasionally in CT

expbul1d   Check show results page for current show winnings & upcoming shows we will be attending.

expbul1d   Show listings for your state can be found on the American Rabbit Breeders Association web page The American Rabbit Breeders Association



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