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Animal Lover

My animals

We have two dog, one is Lady who now lives with my mother and the other is Jo Jo who is a boxer. She is the craziest dog I ever meet. She is just over two and grew up with my daughter so she lets her do all kinds of things to her. I wish I could get her to listen better, she does not believe in doing as she is told. We are in the works of getting another dog this one will be a Brittany - a hunting dog, for a pet and for when my boyfriend goes bird hunting.

Lady is on left and Jo Jo is on the right

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The bird is a Cockatiel. Her name is simple we just call her pretty bird. She is only about a year old. We tried to teach her to talk but we haven't gotten any where with it. My daughter is a little scared of her, she thinks she will get bit, but now she will find something to put on her hand to hold her but the bird doesn't stay on her to long.

Not to long ago we got a guinea pig for our daughter, she's not ever a year old i'd say. My daughter named her Casey. She is a long haired guinea pig and all black.

Now for all the animals we have had. My job use to say don't go to the zoo just go to Amy's house, we had everything. When I meet Jay he was into snakes but as we dated he got more and more of them then he started to breed them and we must of had about 30 snakes at one time. We have a 12 foot python(my favorite of all the snakes we had) she got pregnant and had babies but she was so big so squashed the eggs, after that Jay sold her. We had some snake no one else had Jay had a special permit for it. That also had babies and they were the nastiest babies I ever meet. The thing was not even 5 inches long and no fatter than a pencil and it acted like it could eat me alive. We had gerbils and Jay wanted to kill me over them cause I asked for two and next thing we had babies here and babies there I must have ended up with 30 gerbils. We had iguanas, 3 at one time sold them all. Then we had bearded dragon, we had a bout 5 big ones, that we breed and sold to stores, then they got to be to much and we were gonna be moving so we sold all of them. We probably had more but to much to name all.

Our daughter loves all of them she doesn't care what it is she either wants to hold it or pet it.

Thats about all!!!!

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