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This anime tells us about Miyu, a vampire by birth and the guardian of Shinma by destiny. Before she awaken to her destiny, Larva, a western Shinma, tried to capture and possess her power till she awoke and gently bit him, thus turning him into her eternal slave till she dies. Without her direct orders, Larva then have no will of his own. There are four OVAs currently available in the market. The stories by each OVAs are quite good but it didn't tell much about Miyu and Larva. Their stories and other characters have to be read in the manga. However, there is a western Shinma saga out there. This is about the story of Larva's friends ,some to free him some with their own agendas. The anime is well drawn and do create the correct environment. The main plot of the anime is that Miyu have to returned all those escaped Shinmas into the Dark before she and Larva can sleep peacefully which then might take ages. Till then Miyu will remain a 13 year old with golden eyes and inhuman strength. Her one and only true friend is Larva himself. When he saw that Miyu is still a girl inside who is lonely and frightened he understood her more and gradually learn his own mistakes. Slowly they develop a bond so strong that it can never be broken.
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