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Know Your Milk Palace History
The Story of
The Milk Palace

The Milk Palace was founded after Bobby Yan, the Executive Producer of Hip Hop Half Hour, directed a music video by a group called Liphe Stylez. The name of the song was "Milkman," and wasn't that great. Since Bobby came down here to edit the video, we were forced to hear this song, over, and over, and over again. In fact, at one time, we heard this song for over 15 straight hours! It was really disgusting.

Anyway, after hearing about all this milk, we took it to a new level; making up remixes (such as the famous R. Kelly remix..) and letting "milk" take over our lives. Come to think of it, it's really quite sad... But here we are now, chillin in the Palace. Here's the story of how it came down.
The Milk Palace was founded here, in Patterson House, in the fall of 1996 by Rob Holder and Myself. 209 Patterson to be exact. Our phone number even almost spelled out milk (It spelled "mili," we were hurt). As roommates in the Milk Palace, we established the Milk Kingdom, with Rob as King, and myself as Emperor/Royal Nanny to the Princess of the Milk Palace. And it was ALL Milky....

The Milk Palace extended from Patterson and incorporated Zemurray Hall into the Milk Kingdom with the acceptance of Anitra Durand as Queen of the Milk Palace. It was the first small step of expanding the Milk Kingdom's domain. Later, Jamahn Lee took over as mayor of New Milk City (a.k.a. Stadium Place), and now the queen resides there as well.

Last year, Monroe Hall (no picture available) was home to the Princess of the Milk Palace, Amaya Dwan Lambert. She now lives in Warren Hall (pictured), so now the Kingdom has been expanded to include Newcomb.

The Milk Kingdom has been growing to incorporate other subjects from across campus. After this year, New Milk City will be on total lockdown, and we will take Newcomb as well. From here on out, everything will be All Milky!!

Brought to you by:
It's All Milky Productions
In association with Milk Palace Studios.
Comin atcha from that 3rd Ward, ya'eardme?
"What's up, faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahley??"
What you know about that dirty milk?