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Welcome to the Milk Palace

~*The Milk Palace*~

..does a body good indeed...

What's up! This is Dave S., the black guy, a.k.a. "Iceman," or Bobby Drake (that's me in the corner!), chillin down here at Tulane University in New Orleans, LA. I'm a Sophomore/Junior Psychology major from Willingboro, New Jersey. I plan on going into counseling psych, but I'm also considering Law. I graduated from Willingboro High School. Class of '95!! They still don't have a web page, none that I can find anyway. Triflin... Anyway. This page just underwent a major renovation. But I'm just gonna say that this page is constantly under construction, it will never truly be done. So check it out.

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Before we move on....
...I have to add somethin that's LONG over-due (as was recently brought to my attention by a certain someone...). But I needed a picture to do it right, and now I have one, so here it is.

Pictured at right is my Best Friend of 6 years, Arnetia J. Toland. We met in ninth grade, and have since grown closer than anyone (including us!) could imagine. I call her my Best Friend only for lack of an adequate term to describe how much she means to me. Our relationship has gone so far beyond just best friends, that I'm at a loss for a label to give to it. So for now, the capitalization of the term will have to do. She does so much for me, even if she doesn't realize how much, so this is the least I can do for her. So Netia, this goes out to you. Welcome to the Milk Palace!!

O.K., go ahead, take a look around. Hope you enjoy it, I had a ball makin it! And stop by again sometime, you never know when it'll change. And I leave you with this:

On "Inspector Gadget," Dr. Claw....Doctor of what? Peace!!

Tyra Banks Milk poster appears courtesy of "" copyright 1996 National Fluid Milk Processor Promotion Board.

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