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European Cups 1970-1971
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The Tournaments UEFA has announced big changes this year. The fourth cup was announced. The new cup was called as The European Super Cup. The ECL and ECW winners qualify to the ESC. However, because of the scheduling problems the cup to be played the following year. Fairs Cup will change its name and became the UEFA Cup next year. Fairs Cup Trophy will go to the play-off winner of first and last Fairs Cup winner. Tie breaker rules were changed, the first tie breaker as away goal rule, the second tie breaker as the penalty kick shoot-out. Play-off games were still used at the semi-finals and finals instead of penalty-kick shoot-outs. UEFA also introduced a ranking system for the countries. The teams will be awarded two points for a win, one points for a tie. They will be awarded when they reach the quarter-finals, semi-finals, and the final. At the end of each year, these points are accumulated for each team. Then, country's over-all total is calculated adding the total points of that country's teams. This over-all total is divided by the number of teams to fins an average total points for each countries. UEFA called these averages Country Coefficiency Ratios. These coefficients were not used by itself. Some countries might have been very successful, or very unsuccessful for a year. In order to normalize these coefficients, UEFA went back five years and added five year coefficients for each countries. This five year total was used to distribute the entries into the UEFA Cup.