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2004-2005 UEFA Cups

2004-2005 UEFA Cups in Excel

2004-05 UEFA Cups are available in a downloadable Excel file format, which will calculate several things for you as you enter the results.
The file will be re-released after each draw.

The file contains the following pages:

1 - USC - UEFA Super Cup - This sheet is the first and the simplest of all. You will enter the score of the game and the sheet will highlight the winner at right.
2 - UCL - UEFA Champions League - As you enter the results of the games to the fixture, the club progressing the round will be displayed at the end of the row, decide the nex round fixture if the winner of the tie is already drawn to the next round fixture, and calculate the yearly and 5-year club and country coefficients including the game result.
3 - UCL S - UEFA Champions League Seedings - This page will display the clubs seeded and unseeded for the drawa at several stages.
4 - UEFA - UEFA Cup - Same as UCL sheet.
5 - UEFA S - UEFA Cup Seedings - Same as UCL S sheet.
6 - UIC - UEFA Intertoto Cup - This cup is not included in the coefficiency calculations, however, the winner and the next round updates will be done.
7 - ALL - This sheet displays all the clubs of all countries competed in the cups in the last five seasons. The names with light blue background show the entries in UCL, entries with yellow background show the entries to the UEFA Cup, and the entries with light green background show UIC entries. The clubs playing in more than one cups are designated as a note at the bottom of each country. The points gained by each club is also given in detail as Q - Qualifying Rounds, R - Regular Rounds, B - Bonus points. The country coefficients are also displayed year bye year.
8 - COUNTRY - Five-year UEFA Country coefficiencies - After each game result entered to UCL and UEFA Sheets, the coeeficiencies of the countries involved are recalculated again. The table is sorted automatically and you don't need a button to sort the table anymore.
9 - ENTRY - A table showing the entries to the 2006-07 Cups with a country list according to the latest position.
10 - CLUB - Five-year UEFA Clubs Coefficiencies - After each game result entered to UCL and UEFA Sheets, the coeeficiencies of the clubs involved are recalculated again. If you click the button in the sheet you sort the countries in descending order. (Note: The clubs still playing in the competitions are displayed in bold.

11 - TROPHY - This pages summarizes all the cup winners by the number of times they won since the beginning for all five cups (including the Cup Winner's Cup tournaments and the Fair Cups). The clubs can be sorted for each cup or by the countrirs or as the total number of cups, by clicking buttons on the page.
12 - USC-H - This page displays all USC finals.
13 - UCL-H - This page displays all UCL finals.
14 - UCW-H - This page displays all UCW finals.
15 - UEFA-H - This page displays all UEFA Cup finals.
16 - UIC-H - This page displays all UIC finals.

Final Release:
The fixture will calculate everything until after the finals in both cups.

2004-2005 UEFA Cups in Excel - Regular Excel File - 1.19 MB
2004-2005 UEFA Cups in Excel - in a zipped file format - 378 KB

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