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NB 2002-2003 1.Süper Lig

Week 13 - Analysis by Serbülent Şengün

"Run, quick, it's following us.." from Galatasaray - Trabzonspor game

This week has been an interesting one indeed. With UCL and UEFA fixtures before the weekend and some good football on the weekend, there were a lot to remember.

Galatasaray’s finale to the UCL was rather annoying. After losing critical games to L.Moscow and Club Brugge, they could not hold on to the game against Barca at Nou Camp either. With only 4 points in the group, Galatasaray finished last.

Fenerbahçe did no better in the UEFA Cup second round. With summer time hero of the national squad Rüştü’s pathetic goalkeeping, Panathinaikos walked away with an easy 4-1 win, kicking Fenerbahçe out of the competiton.

The winners of the night were Beşiktaş and Denizli. Beşiktaş after scoring an early goal through İlhan held on to the score for the rest of the, what can easily be called a “very tense” game. Denizli played a very well organized game against Sparta Prague to win 2-0. A very good result considering the team is relatively young and they have no experience in the European cups.

The regular league fixtures started on Saturday with Adanaspor hosting Gençlerbirliği. In the 9 games that were played, 34 goals were scored, a tie for the most goals scored in a week this season, however 17 of these were scored in two games. 7 of the games were won by the home sides with 21 goals scored for the home sides. Two games were won by the visitors with a total of 13 goals; and no games were tied. Most of the games were very competitive, and the quality of football was satisfying for the most part. A brief note about the goals scored; this week was the week where there was a great deal of beautiful goals which were a pleasure to watch.

Games :

Adanaspor – Gençlerbirliği: Total destruction of Adanaspor by Gençlerbirliği. The visitors managed 7 goals in 66 minutes and then put themselves to rest. Adanaspor managed two late goals for nothing but consolation. The weird thing is that, in the first half the visitors scored three almost exactly same goals with a long pass from the middle to the centre and a striker to pick it up and finish. Then in the second half three goals from the center again but this time the collectors got the ball from the left hand side of the field. It looks like Gençlerbirliği got fed up of scoring the same goal whereas Adanaspor did not, and Gençlerbirliği used the other side of the field for the last goal. How much sloppier could a defence get. (2-7)

Ankaragücü – Göztepe : The most inconsistent team of the league back on home court and back in business. Göztepe obviously was looking for a draw, and after successfully defending their goal in the first half, they were about to get what they wanted as the tempo of the game was getting slower and slower in the second half. But then a generic goal from captain Yılmaz put an end to the visitors dream. Basically this was the worst game of the week as competitiveness goes. (1-0)

Galatasaray – Trabzonspor : One of the best games of the week. Two teams stepped up on the field to play, and a beautiful game it was. With the visitors getting the easy lead in the first minute only to loose it in 8 minutes, both teams created tons of chances, with Galatasaray creating the most. Trabzonspor missed a penalty shot again. Both teams hit the woodwork more than they hit the net. In the second half Galatasaray got the lead again. A dramatic finish was seen when both Trabzonspor’s free kick and the attempt to finish the deflecting ball hit the woodwork in the last minute. Thumbs up to both teams. Galatasaray won their 25th consecutive home game, which is a new Turkish league record. (2-1)

Gaziantepspor – Diyarbakırspor : The unbeaten run of Gaziantepspor continues. Diyarbakırspor as expected started the game fast, creating chances, and guess what, wasting them easily. The second half however, as Diyarbakırspor left the home side the area they wanted in the midfield, Gaziantepspor created many chances, scoring two and wasting half a dozen. The harmony between Kemal and Murat in Gaziantepspor is the one of the essential parts of the teams success combined with good football of Cesar and the finishing of Viola, the leading goal scorer of the league. Diyarbakırspor has to find a cure on the offensive end. (2-0)

Denizli – İstanbulspor : The victors of the UEFA cup second round stepped on the field with a lot of substitute players as the coach decided to rest them. The home side created lots of chances but could not manage to score in the first half. With the second half as Kabat came in, Denizlispor finally managed to score through him. İstanbulspor hit back elegantly a minute later. Then once again the home side pushed forward, and unsuprisingly they scored a last minute goal. İstanbulspor and the final minutes of the game has been very interesting this year, they won two and now they have lost two in the last minute. Boost of confidence in Denizlispor was the main point observable on the field. (2-1)

Elazığspor – Samsunspor: Samsunspor’s slump is continuing. They got a very early lead in the game, but could not hold onto it. Elazığspor as always, plays a better game at home. After getting back at the game in the 22nd minute, the home side scored two goals through Mezsaros in five minutes in the second half to win a well deserved three points. Samsunspor’s main problem seems to be the fact that nobody on the field looks eager to fight, and besides counter attacking they have no game plan, or at least a B-Plan. (3-1)

Malatyaspor – Kocaelispor : Malatyaspor is not losing on home ground, no matter how sloppy they play, and this probably will be a key factor in future success, as it is important to win even when you are playing bad. Kocaelispor is getting better every week, but they somehow could not keep their composure this week. Malatyaspor is continuing to use the flanks successfully whether it is a corner kick, a free kick, or a counter attack. Kocaelispor need to concentrate better if they want to avoid relegation, which I believe they will. (2-1)

Altay – Beşiktaş: The second boring game of the week. Beşiktaş obviously thought it was going to be easy, and Altay thought it was going to be too hard. Neither was true. It was a balanced game mostly, though Beşiktaş played one man down for 52 minutes. İlhan scored the only goal of the game at the 58th minute, and missed a penalty 20 minutes later. Beşiktaş got what they wanted whereas the dark days for Altay continue. (0-1)

Fenerbahçe – Bursaspor: The game was played in Ankara due to Fenerbahçe’s ban, and what a game it was. Fenerbahçe demolished Bursaspor. A total of 32 shots were taken by Fenerbahçe, right wing left wing, centre, there was no part of the attacking area, nor an alternative that was not used. Everybody in the Fenerbahçe squad except goalkeeper Rüştü had at least one shot at the goal. Besides the seven goals, there were also about 4-5 great chances that were wasted. Even the goal Bursaspor scored was due to a Fenerbahçe assist, as hat tricker Washington “assisted” when the ball deflected from him only to go to Bursaspor’s Murat Sözkesen, in a corner lay up. Overall Fenerbahçe played superbly, and got over the bad mood the UEFA Cup withdrawal of Thursday gave them. (7-1)

Goals of the week :

There were absolutely no lack of beautiful goals this week. There were so many of them that I had to cut them down to the best six.
1. Ceyhun (Fenerbahçe) : One of the best goals of the season so far. Kind of like the goal that Pele scored against Sweden in the 1958 WC Final, Ceyhun collecting a pass from the right wing, looped the ball over his defender with his right foot and shot first time with his left to the left hand corner of the goal keeper. One of those goals you can’t get fed up of watching.
2. Hüseyin (Kocaelispor) : Last week he was in this column again. This week the Kocaelispor midfielder scored a 40-meter looper. Gaining the ball from his opponent with his left, he then hit the looper with his right seeing the goalkeeper was way in front of his goal line. Great courage.
3. Washington (Fenerbahçe) (1st goal) : The Brazilian basically showed the fans, what being a Brazilian is all about. With swift body and feet movements that left two defenders helpless, he finished elegantly.
4. Yılmaz (Ankaragücü) : This guy is one of the most underrated players in the league. His long range shots and long range goals have become almost a household name. This week he scored another 25 meter beauty right when the game was getting into a deadlock to bring victory to his team.
5. Musa (İstanbulspor) : He collected the ball on the right side of the field after a corner kick deflection, he dribbled for about 15 meters to hit a looper over the Denizlispor defence and goalkeeper. Very accurately designed, yet another beauty.
6. Washington (Fenerbahçe) (2nd goal) : Another swift goal by the Fenerbahçe hit man. One would have expected him to head the cross from his team mate Serhat, but no he softened the ball on his chest, then a right foot control and a left foot finish. Pure elegance.

Team of the week : Fenerbahçe SK İstanbul

Two teams scored 7 goals this week, but it was Fenerbahçe that played almost a perfect football. As I have stated above, they tried every combination, every single player on the squad had at least one goal attempt and their form was impressive. However it is still a question mark whether they can show some consistency and play the same way next week.

Player of the week : Ahmed Hassan (Gençlerbirliği)

Scored two, assisted two and even had another goal that was disallowed because of an offside. A very key figure in Gençlerbirliği’s success this year and the last year, he is one of those great team players that constantly produce something on the field. He was very impressive this week as he and his team mates produced the most bountiful result a visiting team has ever produced this season.

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