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Serbülent Şengün
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NB 2002-2003 1.Süper Lig

Week 12 - Analysis by Serbülent Şengün

from İstanbulspor-Gaziantepspor game

This week started with two previously postponed games that were played on Wednesday, one being the highly anticipated derby between Fenerbahçe and Galatasaray, and the other between Denizli vs Bursaspor. Fenerbahçe demolished Galatasaray with a historical 6-0 score, whereas the game was tied.

The regular league fixtures started on Friday with Beşiktaş hosting Elazığspor. In the 9 games that were played 24 goals were scored, of which 13 were scored by home sides and 11 by the visitors. Three games were won by the visitors, four games were won by home sides and two games were tied. But what caught more attention this week was the unwanted incidents in the stadiums all around the country. Almost no games ended without a referee warning to the fans. Substances were thrown onto the field constantly, which is obviously not a good sign for the coming weeks. As the tension in the league intensifies, unfortunately a worse tension crystallises in the stadiums.

Games :

Denizli – Bursaspor : Bursaspor is trying to make a breakthrough, they have a very sound squad and a good coach, but somehow they can’t manage to win. Denizli, the third UEFA cup contender for Turkey is most known for their good zonal defence. The game between these two sides led to a draw, the most likely score to be anticipated. A good game overall, and a fair result for both sides. The form Okan Yılmaz of Bursaspor is promising for the coming months. He is sparkling as a probable candidate for the Turkish National side. (2-2)

Fenerbahçe – Galatasaray : The highly anticipated game yielded the most unlikely result. Fenerbahçe was highly motivated and better planned out on the field. An early goal coupled up with a good counter attack goal ended the first half 2-0. Actually till then Galatasaray had most of the possesion of the ball. With Galatasaray taking more risks in the second half Fenerbahçe with its quick midfielder and attackers added to the score constantly after the 60th minute. Galatasaray’s vulnerability to long balls and fast attacks was a fact, and everybody expected that something bad would happen to Galatasaray sooner or later, but nobody could expect such a score. Great game for the home side that left Galatasaray just one step away from catastrophe. (6-0)

Beşiktaş – Elazığspor : The opening game of the regular fixtures. Beşiktaş was on the field obviously with the wrong impression that the game was going to be an easy one. Elazığspor with good and well organised counter attacks woke up the home side from their sleep. It wasn’t till the second half that Beşiktaş could finally break through. Sergen Yalçın’s performance was sparkling and was the key behind Beşiktaş’s success. Beşiktaş needs to be much more careful defensively against Alaves on Thursday night. (3-1)

Diyarbakırspor - Ankaragücü : Diyarbakırspor is improving. Their incredibly sloppy finishing is starting to develop and thus they are starting to get better results. 3 goals in the first half and a couple of chances missed got them what they wanted. Ankaragücü, as usual, the most inconsistent team in the league. One week they play superb ball, the next week they look like it is vacation time. They had some chances in the second half, but obviously lacked the will. Will power was the main factor in this game, and the home side definitely did not lack any. (3-0)

Göztepe - Trabzonspor : The pitch looked like a farming area, and it was impossible to expect any good football in a pitch like this, it is a good thing the game ended without either side facing any serious injury. Trabzonspor won their fifth game consecutively, and well deserved to do so, especially with the football they played in the first half. There seems to exist a great chemistry between the players, and the coach Samet Aybaba is the one that should get the credit for that. Göztepe on the other hand tried hard, but did not have the necessary skills to overcome the well organized visitor side. (1-2)

İstanbulspor – Gaziantepspor: Gaziantepspor is basically unstoppable. Whether they play at home or away just does not matter any more, and it didn’t matter this week. İstanbulspor tried hard, but as Gaziantepspor’s confidence is growing week by week, so does their play. With smart and effective attacks they managed to steal the victory relatively easy. The thing about this team is that in every game they play, they make it look easy and that is a graceful way of showing greatness. On the other hand, alarm bells are starting to ring for İstanbulspor. (1-3)

Adanaspor – Galatasaray : Galatasaray stepped up on the field to recover from the trauma from the Fenerbahçe game, and they tried hard to do so but just could not finish. Adanaspor tried a well balanced game, with mainly depending on counter attacks, and they too had their chances but could not manage to score. In a game where the ball loved the woodwork more than the nets, the score ended goalless. Galatasaray seemed to get better and Adanaspor is slowly forming a solid game structure. Galatasaray will be looking up to win against Barcelona to qualify into the second round of the UCL this week. (0-0)

Bursaspor – Malatyaspor: Bursaspor is missing something but it is yet to be figured out what it is that they are missing. They play a good game, they score good goals, have a great offensive partnership between Murat Sözkesen and Okan Yılmaz, but just can not manage to win a game. They concede very easy goals despite having good players at the defensive end. Throughout the first half they dominated the field but could not score then they did score early in the second half, but could not follow up. Malatyaspor, the fighters that they are, hit back elegantly. Malatyaspor is obviously a great contender for the UEFA cup qualification, and personally I think also a great contender for the Turkish Cup. A tie was a well deserved end, and so it happened. (1-1)

Gençlerbirliği – Altay: One of the leading goal scorer teams in the league against the team that conceded the most goals was a game expected to yield a different result but it did not happen. Gençlerbirliği wasted a basketful of chances till the last three minutes in which they could finally score. Altay never played a defensive game, they tried as hard as they could, but Gençlerbirliği was too strong for them. Altay’s coach Ümit Turmuş, I believe, is going to set a good example of positive coaching to the weaker teams in the future, it is always positive and always challenging. I personally hope it gets better for them in the future. (1-0)

Kocaelispor – Denizli: Kocaelispor is slowly recovering from the turbulent times, though thanks mostly to Denizlispor’s goalkeeper Heinen this time. Heinen who has been an integral part of Denizlispor’s good games in the past had a terrible game this time conceding two very unlikely goals for a keeper of his calibre. Denizlispor on the other hand as a team fought well and they were the ones who missed the obvious chances. If they can just concentrate on their finishing, it is a good chance that they can get over Sparta Prague on Thursday. (2-1)

Samsunspor - Fenerbahçe: The victors of Wednesday’s derby had to prove that their victory was not a façade. Both Samsunspor and Fenerbahçe were missing very key players essential to their system. Samsunspor as always defended deep looking for counter attacks, and they got the first goal of the game. Samsunspor defence played solidly throughout most of the game, but as they lost their physical capacity towards the end Fenerbahçe stepped up, and with smart substitutions, they managed to score three goals in the final 17 minutes to steal the win. Fenerbahçe is facing Panathinaikos of Greece on Thursday in the UEFA Cup. (1-3)

Goals of the week :

1. Ceyhun (Fenerbahçe) : A goal totally created by individual talent. Ceyhun dribbled past two defenders and shot right outside the penalty area to the far right of the goal keeper. A great one to break the defensive lock his team was facing. Definetly the goal of the week.
2. Fatih (Trabzonspor) : First, he tried to make an assist giving a beautiful pass to Aurelio, but Aurelio missed due to the weird bounce the ball got because of the pitch, then somehow the ball deflected towards him, Fatih with a very narrow angle and two players in front of him did not think twice, shot first time, and bulleted the ball to the net to the amaze of Göztepe players.
3. Hüseyin (Kocaelispor) : This was a goal of off the ball teamwork. Hüseyin got the ball at the right hand side of the field, dribbled almost parallel for about 25 metres, while his teammates ran to the other side, creating space for him to the left. As he concluded his run he shot to the other side of the goal leaving the goalkeeper helpless. Good teamwork.

Team of the week : Gaziantepspor K

What is it to stop them? They are one of two unbeaten teams in the league. They play very smartly, their usage of energy is cleverly built and they have the momentum on their side now. With growing confidence of the youngsters and the skillful play of both Viola and Cesar, Gaziantepspor is definitely going to break more hearts. They got into the habit of getting the job done, and this week was no different.

Player of the week : Murat Hacıoğlu (Diyarbakırspor)

Diyarbakırspor had very, well, unlucky should we say, games in the past weeks where the pathetic finishing of the forwards left them with consecutive losses. This week Murat Hacıoğlu who had been playing in mid field up till now was tried at the attacking end of the field by coach Ümit Kayıhan, and Murat showed his coach he was the man for the job. Scoring two and assisting one goal, Murat Hacıoğlu definitely deserves to be the player of the week. With 23 years of age, his aggresion and off the ball skills is probably going to make him the main man of Diyarbakırspor on the offensive end of the field.

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