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NB 2002-2003 1.Süper Lig

Week 11 - Analysis by Serbülent Şengün

from Galatasaray-Göztepe game

This week has not been a great one for Turkish Soccer on the European Cups level. Obviously better results were expected. It all started with Galatasaray’s UCL game against Lokomotiv Moscow on Tuesday. With 3 goals in 5 minutes, Galatasaray suprisingly lost to the Russian side 2-1 in the Group H week 5 game. Galatasaray now has to win in Barcelona to qualify for the second round and expect a tie or a Lokomotiv win in the game between L.Moscow vs. Club Brugge.

Fenerbahçe played Panathinaïkos in the UEFA Cup on Thursday in a game that was supposed to be a show of unity and support for the Euro 2008 candidacy of Turkey and Greece. However the fans in the stadium lacked the proper manners. Little misdemeanors were seen between the fans of both clubs, and the game ended with a 1-1 draw albeit Fenerbahçe dominating the field especially in the second half.

Denizli played Sparta Prague in Prague and lost 1-0 in the UEFA Cup. With a good defensive tactic and an in-form goalkeeper, Denizli got the score that can be considered as advantageous.

The best of the four teams was Beşiktaş. Playing an extremely smart football against Alavés of Spain, the Black Eagles almost got exactly what they went for. It was 1-0 for Beşiktaş till additional time, but right at the last minute of stoppage time, Abelardo’s header went in and Beşiktaş are now carrying a 1-1 advantage to home court.

The regular league fixtures started on Friday with Trabzonspor hosting the turbulent Diyarbakırspor. Two games were postponed due to UEFA Cup fixtures and the General Election taking place on Sunday and seven games were played. A total of 21 goals were scored on 7 games of which none were a draw. Home sides won 5 of these games scoring 11 goals, the visitors with two victories managed 10.

Games :

Trabzonspor - Diyarbakırspor : Trabzonspor is getting better everyday, as a matter of fact they are becoming a “team” and even more so they are becoming a “young and promising” team. With an average age of 23.2 on the starting 11, what is more to say than it is a pleasure to watch a bunch of youngsters getting the drill done. Diyarbakırspor also had their chances, and as usual their finishing was poor. Trabzonspor on the other hand did everything necessary to win, and a well deserved win it was. Fourth consecutive win for Trabzonspor putting them in the fourth spot. (3-0)

Elazığspor – Gençlerbirliği : After a miserable 6 weeks Gençlerbirliği are back on track, or so it seems. The worst thing that a team can do against Gençlerbirliği is to leave space, and Elazığspor did that mistake and paid miserably for it. With, probably the fastest forward in the league, Youla Gençlerbirliği absolutely exploited the vast area behind the midfield, and got an easy away victory. Elazığspor obviously was not prepared to play the zonal game and so the defeat should not have been suprising. (0-3)

Altay – Adanaspor : Unfortunately Altay is sinking and with everything going on at the club maybe it is inevitable. But the youngster try, and they try hard but somehow they lost the concentration they had at the beginning of the season. Adanaspor played the counter attack very smartly as they have done throughout the first 10 weeks but this time their finishing matched their play and the visitors stole away the three points with 4 goals. Exceptional play by the Adanaspor winger Murat Özatak is another note that should be added. (0-4)

Ankaragücü – İstanbulspor: Ankaragücü is probably going to be the most inconsistent team in the league this season, played an incredible football two weeks ago against Bursaspor, then last week they were horrible against Kocaelispor and this week they were back with a good team with an aim well observable on the field. They found an early goal, were not satisfied with it and pushed for more. But a solid and “reasonable” İstanbulspor defence kept them from scoring more. İstanbulspor, as usual with them this season, started creating chances in the last 20 minutes and they missed a penalty kick. Obviously a sign of good physical fitness, however they were not able to pull something out of this game. The home side got their well deserved three points. (1-0)

Gaziantepspor - Kocaelispor : Gaziantepspor is rolling, and they don’t look like they want to quit the ride. With a balanced team of young talent and ambition mixed with experienced foreign players, they are on track. Kocaelispor looks like they are starting get back in form, and by no way did they let the home side manipulate them, as a matter of fact they got a very early goal to lead the game. However Gaziantepspor answered back quickly with two goals in the first 25 minutes. Kocaelispor pushed hard but could not make it, Gaziantepspor did whatever that was necessary and the game ended with the 3 goals scored in the first half. (2-1)

Malatyaspor – Samsunspor: This week the vicious Malatyaspor that fans got used to was not on the field. Yet they got two goals within the first 15 minutes. The first one though, a very controversial one as Samsunspor goalkeeper Fevzi was obviously fauled. Samsunspor tried to fight back and even scored a goal to raise hopes. However Malatyaspor managed to continue their winning streak on home ground. (2-1)

Galatasaray – Göztepe: Galatasaray keeps on winning, and they are the leaders despite having a game missing, however the quality of their football is getting worse. This week again they somehow managed to score three goals of which two were penalties, and the last goal a late goal to open net as Goztepe’s goalkeeper were up in front trying to help his team score the equalizer in a corner kick lay up. Goztepe tried hard on the pitch but silly mistakes that led to the penalties led to the loss. With Galatasaray facing the most difficult opponents in the league in the coming weeks, it will be very hard for them to stay leaders if this the quality of football the team is going to play. (3-1)

Denizli - Bursaspor: Postponed

Fenerbahçe - Beşiktaş: Postponed

Goals of the week :

1. Lazarov (Kocaelispor) : A quick control and a looping shot first time over the goalkeeper after a 50 metres pass from midfield, the goal was classy indeed.
2. Serkan (Gençlerbirliği) : A goal of absolute teamwork, quickness and tactical understanding. Youla receiving a pass from Serkan dribbled into the Elazığspor defence, skipped his defenders and laid up a beautiful pass back to Serkan. Serkan finished in style.
3. Fazlı (Malatyaspor) : Another team work effort by two players who have so good in understanding each other so far this season. Timuçin and Fazlı passed each other a couple of times before Timuçin finally made a decisive pass to Fazlı leaving him open against the keeper. Fazlı finished the deal accordingly to the expectations.

Team of the week : Adanaspor SFAŞ

A great counter attack football was displayed in İzmir. Adanaspor goalkeeper Murat was a confidence to his teammates when things got rougher, and with fast and athletic attack force of Necati, Ali Asım, Pachola and Murat Özatak they got with more than what they came for. The teamwork and passing was effective as it could be. Very impressing.

Player of the week : Youla (Gençlerbirliği)

It is absolutely a suicide to leave this guy space. He is probably the fastest winger – forward in the league. Considering he is only in his early twenties he has a lot to offer in the coming years. He scored a goal, assisted the other two and was the main guy behind Gençlerbirliği’s success this weekend. I hope he keeps up the good work, yet he still needs to work on his finishing.

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