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NB 2002-2003 1.Süper Lig

Week 7 - Analysis by Serbülent Şengün

"..May I go to washroom, sir?..." - from Ankaragücü-Beşiktaş game

This week started off with the only European cup game concerning Turkish teams, the Champions League game between Galatasaray and Barcelona on Tuesday. Unfortunately Barcelona controlled the game all the way and Galatasaray lost 2-0.

The regular league fixtures started again on Friday. Out of the 9 games that were played 5 games were won by the home sides, 2 were won by the visitors and 2 games were tied. A total of 24 goals were scored, however half of these were scored in two games. So basically the remaining seven had 1.7 goals per game, which is not so much the Turkish league standards. However the competition was fierce, and all the games were missing, was pretty much the finishing.

Games :

Galatasaray – İstanbulspor : After losing the Barcelona game, Galatasaray looked pretty much back on track in the league. Despite some key players like Arif and Felipe were on the bench, Galatasaray finished the game easily with two first half goals; first by the veteran defender Bulent Korkmaz (very sloppy İstanbulspor defending in this goal) and the second through Umit Karan. İstanbulspor pretty much lacked the will, the energy and the concentration. Galatasaray for the third time in a row won their home game with two goals to none. (2-0)

Ankaragücü – Beşiktaş : Ankaragücü is suffering inconsistency once again. One week they play smart football, the next week they look like it is the end of the league. Beşiktaş on the other hand played the smart game. They got an early goal through Ahmet Dursun; had good chances on the counter attack, and defensively did not let the Ankara side in the penalty zone. Ankaragücü’s only serious threats were long range shots. Both teams have important UEFA Cup games this Thursday, so the relatively lacking concentration was not that unmeaningful. (0-1)

Denizli – Adanaspor : Denizli got their third consecutive home victory. The UEFA Cup contenders played a smart game, showing that they were ready for the French Lorient. Denizli got the lead in the first half after a set pieces arrangement through their U-21 starlet Servet. Adanaspor tried to equalize and got very close to it after a penalty at the 50th minute, but could not manage it as the German goalkeeper denied the penalty. Denizli scored a second through another set pieces incident by their in-form striker Mustafa Özkan. Another interesting note from this game was, the referee showed a red card to Adanaspor’s Güngör after mistakenly thinking he booked him the second time. After all the reaction he got from the players, he understood his mistake and allowed Güngör to continue. With all the talking about improving refereeing in Turkey, here is an ironic example. (2-0)

Diyarbakırspor – Kocaelispor: A very interesting game indeed. Both teams were at the bottom of the league before the game and still are. However the football was anything but inferior. Kocaelispor took the lead with a spectacular goal from Emrah in the first half. Then began the pitiful goal missing minutes of Diyarbakırspor. Kocaelispor looked for the counter attack and they too got incredible chances; and guess what; they could not score either. At the very final seconds of the game Alper the substitute equalized. Kocaelispor for the third time this season conceded a goal in the last minute of the game. (1-1)

Trabzonspor - Samsunspor : The goal-wise tragedy of Trabzonspor contiunes. All throughout the game Trabzonspor was pretty much in control and Samsunspor looked for the counter offensive. But not suprisingly Trabzonspor could not score. They still have 2 goals in 7 games. Samsunspor stole the game through an eloquent dribble and finish by Celil at the end of the game. Trabzonspor’s hope for two goals in one game, maybe and hopefully next week. (0-1)

Malatyaspor – Altay: The first of the two games in which six goals were scored. This was absolute dominance defined on the football field. Malatyaspor totally crushed the İzmir side, scoring 5 goals in just one half alone. A spectacular football that left the visitors helpless. The second half did not end the visitors misery. With one more goal and plenty of chances missed, Malatyaspor was a pleasure to watch for fans on home ground. (6-0)

Göztepe - Bursaspor: Göztepe got the early lead through a very controversial penalty. However the home side could not manage to secure the game. Both sides looked keen to score, with Bursaspor missing serious chances through their classy striker force and Göztepe trying to keep up. However the equalizing goal came through an own goal from Göztepe defender Şenol. Neither team managed to change the score the last half hour, so the game ended in a tie. (1-1)

Fenerbahçe – Elazığspor: The second game of the week with half a dozen goals. Elazığspor got the early lead with just 4 minutes played. Fenerbahçe’s relentless attacks paid their due in the extra time of the first half when they scored two goals in three minutes to end the half 2-1. In the second half Elazığspor equalized, but could not keep the score for two minutes as Fenerbahçe scored again. To seal things off, Fenerbahçe’s U-21 national, midfielder Tuncay (who played his first official game on homeground) scored at the last minute of the game to secure his team the victory. (4-2)

Gaziantepspor – Gençlerbirliği: Gaziantepspor is hot, as a matter of fact they are getting hotter every week. With Belarussian midfielder Maxim Romaschenko back in top form, the game of the week turned out to be a happy sight for the Gaziantep fans. Both teams were eager to score, but it was the home side that managed to score through a fantastic freekick from Romashenko towards the end of the first half. The second half was a continuation of up tempo and positive football. The home side managed another classy goal at the 77th minute. Gençlerbirliği who had a fantastic start to the league has now lost two consecutive games. Gaziantepspor is now in second position, and well deserved the spot is for them. (2-0)

Goals of the week :

1. Hasan Özer (Malatyaspor) (second goal) : Everybody loves scissors kicks and I would guess this is the type we would like most. The veteran of Malatyaspor scored an exceptional scissors kick goal with hitting first time to a looping pass from his colleague that got over the defenders. Perfect timing, perfect positioning and perfect finishing.
2. Emrah (Kocaelispor) : A fantastic long range shot goal. The midfielder shot first time to a pass he got from a free kick set pieces arrangement. Absolutely something that was worked on the training ground. The way the ball curved to hit the left hand post and then to the net was a sight to be seen.
3. Romashenko (Gaziantepspor) (first goal) : A free kick on the right hand corner of the penalty zone has always been specialty for Romashenko, and this week he made no exceptions. Furious and yet with great technique, he scored a beautiful curving ball to the right hand side of the goalkeeper as the goalkeeper was helplessly watching.

Team of the week : Malatyaspor

Man; they are vicious on home ground. Scoring half a dozen, missing a dozen.... they fight, they play, they do everything necessary not only for a victory but for a pleasant victory. No wonder their stadium is always crowded.

Player of the week : Maxim Romaschenko (Gaziantepspor)

He is such a pleasure to watch. There is absolutely no way that, him not playing the first couple of weeks is understandable. He gives the team pace, the schemes the attacks, and has that killer instinct that is so impossible to stop. Hopefully he won’t be sitting in the bench no more, and we will be watching more of him.

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